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Chinese vegetable

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Created by Nivedita
Updated on Oct 30, 2013

Chinese vegetable
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A very special recipe formulated by me which takes less than 5 minutes.








Chinese vegetable


Cauliflower- chopped- 1 cup
Carrots- diced- 1 cup
Capsicum- cut into long thin pieces- 1 cup
French beans- cut- ½ cup
Potatoes- cut into thin long pieces- 1 cup
Mushrooms- chopped- ¼ cup
Baby corn- ¼ cup
Salt to taste
Knorr hot and sweet soup powder
Water- one bowl



Heat oil in a kadhai.
Add the chopped and diced vegetables.
Stir fry for a few minutes.
Add salt to taste.
Cover with a lid and allow the vegetables to cook just enough so that their crunchiness is retained.
Add the entire packet of knorr hot and sweet soup powder to a bowl of water. Mix well.
Add the water to the veggie mixture and mix well.
Allow to cook for a few minutes with constant stirring.
Voila! Your Chinese vegetable is ready.
It’s healthy as well as yummy!!!

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| Nov 13, 2013

Nivedita, this is a five minute recpie indeed. Good one, and would be a great accompaniment for fried rice. Thank you for sharing.

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| Nov 14, 2013

Thanks for the compliment Neetu

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| Jan 21, 2020

Nivedita . Great read

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