Common Complications During Pregnancy

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So you’re pregnant and enjoying it, but suddenly your doctor mentions complications and you need to be careful. While most times the complication might only result in discomfort or irritation, at other times it can give rise to alarming situations. But being positive and understanding the complications may take away the worry and you will perceive the problem to overcome it. 

We would still recommend going by your gynae's advise as she is equipped well to help you sail through common complications leading to a healthy pregnancy. 

What Are Common Pregnancy Complications?

Here are some common complications that you need to be careful about:

  • Premature Labor Pains or birth: If you suffer from regular contractions in your uterus, tell your doctor immediately, for you may be experiencing premature labour pains or even premature birth. Your gynae can clinically examine and let you know the further course of action in this case. 
  • Low Amniotic fluid: Your baby nestles in a protective sac called the amniotic sac, which is filled with amniotic fluid. When the levels of the fluid fall it may affect the growth of the baby. Your doctor will be closely monitoring the levels, and if there’s a dip he/she will suggest a solution.
  • Gestational Diabetes: Gestational diabetes is a common complication and if detected early, it can be prevented. It can affect foetal growth,so you need to follow the advice of your doctor closely, regarding your diet and light exercises. Also medications during gestational diabetes as prescribed by the gynae is to be taken without any miss.
  • Ectopic Pregnancy: Ectopic pregnancy is when the fertilized egg is implanted outside the uterus. This needs to be detected early as the growing embryo can rupture the fallopian tubes, thus resulting in inner bleeding that can be fatal. Since there is no way to move the embryo inside the uterus, the best way to solve this complication unfortunately, is to terminate the pregnancy. 

Watch the video here as our Senior Gynaecologist Doctor Pooja Mittal explains here.

Watch the complete video on Women's Health & Complications During Pregnancy.

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