Corona Warrior Parents: Pride of the Nation


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Updated on Apr 17, 2020

Corona Warrior Parents Pride of the Nation
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Coronavirus crisis has given even the wisest geeks something to think and learn from. In circumstances like these, we face and figure out new ways to stick together, handle our families better. In Corona times as well, many parents have demonstrated just how far parents can go for the welfare of their children.

Here are five such stories of extraordinary parents from the times of extended lockdown across the country.

#1. Mom Covers 1400+ KMs on Scooty for Son

A Telangana mom renewed our understanding of mom’s love for her child during the nationwide lockdown. Rajia Begum, a single mother, and a teacher drove her scooty all the way from Nizamabad in Telangana to Nellore in Andhra, to bring her son back home.

She covered the distance to and fro in about 3 days, stopping only for fuel, and carrying some chapatis from home. She took care of social distancing as well, not stopping at a crowded place or for food.

The roads are obviously devoid of any reasonable traffic and many patches between Nizamabad and Nellore go through jungles. She braved all this and perhaps driving that long for the first time in her life she brought her son back home.

#2. Coronawarrior Family from Gorakhpur, UP

At this time almost everyone in the country is fighting the Coronavirus. While medical professionals are constantly in their labs and clinics, police officers are out to enforce law and order. But what if both of these frontline warriors are in the same family?

Such is the situation with one Gorakhpur family of Dr. Ashok Pandey and Circle officer Rachna Mishra. Dr. Pandey is the senior scientist at BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur and looks after the testing and monitoring of COVID-19 samples from 10 districts around Gorakhpur. He has shifted in a separate room at home to avoid passing the infection to the family.

Police officer Rachna Mishra, on the other hand, leaves home for her duty every day at nine. At home, she makes sure that everyone has breakfast and lunch for the day, and on-duty she ensures that people follow lockdown and stay safe.

#3. Dad’s Looking After the Child, Mom Looking After Patients

Nurse Bharti knows her work is important, especially in the present COVID-crisis, and her family is supporting her in every way. Her husband is at home following the lockdown and looking after his elderly mother who’s on Chemotherapy, and their two-year-old son.

In the meantime, Bharti is staying at the hospital 24x7 to look after the patients at Nerchauk Medical Collage.

#4. Hospital on One Side, Daughter on the Other

Everyone is grateful for the relentless efforts healthcare professionals have been putting in the fight against the Coronavirus. One such couple is working day and night coordinating between their duties between home and hospital so that both are not missed.

Both Jaiveer and Indravati are working in the ICU ward of PGI’s dedicated Coronavirus hospital. Mom Indravati is staying with their 4-year-old daughter while Jaiveer is on duty and when he returns after a continuous shift of 7 days and completes 14 days quarantine, she will proceed to the hospital while he stays with the daughter.

#5. Doctor Couple & Parents to Two Small Children

In UP’s Shamli, Dr. Shaista Naz is relentlessly working for the welfare of patients, while her husband, also a doctor, is working in Muzaffarnagar. The doctors have two small children, who are experiencing the late night returns and the sudden absence of their parents for the first time.

But the couple is focused on beating the emergency and has called their parents to help with taking care of the children. The country is proud of these amazing super parents and forever indebted for their fight against Coronavirus.


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