Covid-19 quarantine rules you need to know before booking tickets

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Updated on Jun 12, 2020

Covid 19 quarantine rules you need to know before booking tickets
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As the lockdown eases, different state governments have laid out their respective rules and regulations for passengers coming from different parts. 


Before you plan your travel, make sure you know the guidelines of the state / city you are travelling to. Many states have been revising their quarantine guidelines as arrivals increase from hotspot areas, considering the Covid-19 situation.


State Wise Guidelines



Home quarantine for 1 week for everyone who is asymptomatic. Anyone who is coming from abroad will have to go through 7 days of institutional quarantine and 7 days of home quarantine after that.


Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan

Compulsory thermal screening on arrival. The ones who are symptomatic will be taken to Care Centres and asymptomatic will undergo 14 day quarantine.



2 weeks home quarantine for  asymptomatic passengers. Passengers coming from abroad will have to undergo 2 weeks mandatory quarantine - 7 days in paid institutional quarantine and after that 7 days isolation at home. Passengers need to download the Aarogya Setu app. 


Uttar Pradesh

Home Quarantine for 14 days. Passengers need to register on the state website before they exit the arrival hall. Anyone coming for less than 7 days & travelling to some other place will be exempted from quarantine measures. They have to submit their travelling details.


Those arriving will undergo hand-stamping on entry. This is followed by home quarantine for 14 days. Anyone (asymptomatic) arriving from Maharashtra will need to undergo a compulsory 7-day institutional quarantine and then 1 week of home quarantine.


Tamil Nadu

Whoever tests positive will be sent to hospital for management as per protocol and the ones who test negative will be sent for home quarantine or paid institutional quarantine for 14 days. If anyone cannot self-isolate at home, they need to check into an institutional quarantine for 7 days and then self-monitoring of health for 7 days at home.



Expat returnees to stay under observation at their homes for 14 days. 

Domestic passengers who are asymptomatic on arrival will need to undergo 14-day mandatory home quarantine. Those who show symptoms will be sent to Covid Care Center or Covid hospital.


West Bengal

Compulsory health screening on arrival. Those who are asymptomatic will have to undergo 14-day home quarantine. Passengers need to fill up and submit the declaration form.



Those who have symptoms will undergo compulsory Covid tests and be sent to quarantine. If asymptomatic, passengers need to produce a COVID-19 negative certificate that has to be issued within 48 hours from the time of arrival, or they must take the test at the airport and stay in institutional quarantine till results are declared. Stay under home quarantine for 14 days.


Andhra Pradesh

Passengers will be screened on arrival. If symptomatic, sent to an institutional quarantine where they shall be tested on arrival. They are released to home quarantine (for 7 days) if they test negative after 7 days from the previous test.

Passengers coming from Covid hotspots to be put in institutional quarantine for 7 days and shall be released for home quarantine for additional 7 days if tested negative. If coming from non-hotspot areas, they will be sent for 14-day home quarantine.


Every state is taking all necessary precautions to keep things in control. A 7 day quarantine on arrival is observed by every state. Besides, for passengers coming from hotspots and international destinations and for those who have symptoms, rules are different.


Given the current times, these precautions should be taken very very seriously.


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