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Creative Writing workshop By Bachi Karkaria

7 to 11 years

Created by Preeti
Updated on Feb 06, 2020

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Hi, I am Bachi Karkaria and I am to conduct this creative writing class for all of you.Now, you might ask me what is writing? Is it art, is it science?
Yes, it's both that but it is also a lot of magic. But you can get some tips on how to do it. And I am here to give you some of these secrets. 
Why would i be able to do it? because i have been writing for over 40 years. I have done articles, I have done columns, I have done best selling books and I have done quite a lot of . I would like to give you some tips and share some of these skills with you. So, what will we be doing? I will teach you how to ignite your imagination, how to look closely at the world around you, how to express yourself clearly, not just clearly but in a Wow kind of way. In a way that will impress your teachers and envy your friends as well. We will look at some of the best lines of literature and understand what is in them that makes them memorable over all these decades. And then, here's the fun part, we will do some exercises ourself and we look at it and see how good they are and see how we can make them even better.

Creative Writing By Bachi Karkaria

An Interactive Workshop to help budding writers improve their writing craft

Date- 8th feb 2020 । Age: 9+

Time- 10:30am - 1:30pm


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| Feb 06, 2020


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