Cyber Bullying and how to deal with it


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Cyber Bullying and how to deal with it

Radhika’s daughter was 13 when she had just opened an account on a popular networking site. She did it on her own and without knowing much about privacy settings and its importance, uploaded her photographs with friends on it and shared them with her contacts. After a couple of months Radhika noticed that her daughter stopped posting photographs, in fact, stopped going on the networking site, and would not talk about it. She did not think much of it, until, one day, she refused to go to school. The 13 year old started confining herself in her room. Radhika heard crying in the middle of the night, and one day she heard her daughter confide to a friend on the phone that she wanted to end her life. Alarm bells started to ring, and after days of talking to her daughter and gaining her confidence, she finally revealed that a man in the same neighborhood had been stalking her on the net. His messages on the networking site had made her the subject of relentless jokes in her school. Now he had sent morphed photos of her face on other women’s bodies at various stages of undress to her and He was threatening to make it public if she didn’t chat with him. Now Radhika is contemplating going to the police with the details.

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Cheena M Gujral

| Apr 22, 2017

I think this could happen with individuals of any age group. A known fact but hardly taken seriously. Great detailing and valuable information. Good job

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Sameena Naz

| Mar 15, 2017

Thankx for such a valuable information...

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Sonali Mitra

| Sep 14, 2015

Thanks. These information was very useful as we ourselves are quite ignorant about this issue.

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Anil Kumar

| Jul 22, 2015

It's better have the children an informative course on pros and cons of social networking sites n security by someone other than the parents. .

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| Sep 24, 2013

Thanks.. good one!

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| Jun 26, 2013

Thanks for the information. Will keep in mind for my child's future.

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| Jun 25, 2013

Thanks Payal for sharing such a useful piece of information..

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| Jun 24, 2013

This is something we should not neglect. Our children will be more exposed to the internet than we have ever been. Thank you Payal for the detailed information.

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Shikha Batra

| Jun 24, 2013

Indeed a good piece of work. Thnx Payal!

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| Jun 24, 2013

Such an eye opener... Never thought of cyber use of teens in this direction. Good work and very informative :)

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| Jun 24, 2013

Very informative and useful write-up !!

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