Mom Decodes Her Fear About Her Daughter's Safety

Sukirti Jha
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Updated on Jul 05, 2021

Mom Decodes Her Fear About Her Daughters Safety
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Are you worried about your daughter’s safety…? As I try penning down my thoughts on this subject, my heart aches and head spins as I so helplessly read about all spine-chilling cruelty that’s happening in our country.

A report confirms that India is the most unsafe place for girls. You can relate to what I am trying to put forth if you’re a woman and above all a mother of a girl child. Things have not been really fascinating for a male child either. Our society is collapsing and moral values are deteriorating. Yes, we call ourselves the advanced species but the basic principles of one’s character seems to fade away. As responsible parents, we make continuous efforts to keep our children safe. At least, we try to make the best judgements in our capacity. And, it becomes significantly important to equip our children with some amount of intelligence and awareness towards these things.

Here is how we can try and seek some important precautions to be able cope up.

1. Being vigilant is the first thing we can do. I am not saying to be in a look out of such incidents but rather stay aware of your surroundings. As parents, you’re the best judge when it comes to your child’s safety. Don’t be afraid to go with your gut-feeling.

2. Accompany your children (wherever possible). I don’t mean to act like helicopter parents but make sure you are easily accessible for your kids and anything that requires your immediate attention.

3. Make it clear what your kids are supposed to do if god forbid, such situation arrives. Invent some codes which is shared ONLY with your kids. I remember a recent case, where a 10-year-old girl saved herself from getting kidnapped because of such code shared by her mother. Make sure to keep changing this code every month to maintain security.

4. Listen to your kids. This is extremely crucial that we take out some time from our super busy schedule and just pay attention to what our kids have to tell us. Build transparency and trust so they feel to share their side of story.

5. Enroll them for self-defense classes. We can’t be omnipresent and hence it becomes indispensable for your kids to be able to handle certain situations themselves.

6. Focus on healthy lifestyle.

It’s in an old proverb: Healthy mind resides in a healthy body. In the last, I would pray that we get rid of such monsters from our planet earth and it becomes a place full of love, positivity and humanity. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section of this article. 

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| Oct 03, 2018


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| Aug 21, 2020 Safety tips for parents that we should make our children learn. Found it worth sharing with everyone who have kids. Please watch till the end and share with everyone who have child.

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| May 07, 2021

Thank you for this amazing piece. I will like to state though, that both boys and girls face similar security risks since they are both children. Please don't ignore your sons. Protect them as much as you can. Changing security codes is really a great idea but don't make it a monthly affair as children can be forgetful, many times. Instead, you and your child should make it a "Top Secret Affair" and only change it once someone else knows about the code. Self-defence classes are really great however, discuss your objectives for your child and your child's temperament with the Self-defence instructor before you enroll your child. Children who are violent or have the tendencies to be bullies should be evaluated for their suitability for self-defence classes so that they don't use the Self-defence knowledge they have to hurt their siblings or school mates, when provoked. Well-done.

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