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Delhi Garden Festival - An Interesting Way To Introduce Your Child To Flora

Urvashi Shah
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Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Feb 20, 2018

Delhi Garden Festival An Interesting Way To Introduce Your Child To Flora
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As the winter is slowly losing touch over the country, spring is rising in all its glory. Gearing up for spring is the capital city of Delhi, which is giving us a chance to get closer to nature by organizing the Garden Festival. This festival, which attracts tourist from all over the national and international borders is held every year and is going to embark up on its 30th year in the month of February.

Sneak Peak Of The Delhi Garden Festival

  1. Held at the Garden of Five Senses, which is spread over 22 acres, this festival offers a chance to the visitors to get closer to nature. The three day long festival, which commences on February 16, 2018, is based on the theme ‘Grow Garden - Save Delhi’ to raise awareness about the environment and encourage people to contribute towards the Government’s objective of maintaining a clean and a green city. This festival will also host competitions in 30 categories
  2. Seeking this fortuity, you can take your child to this festival in order to encourage him/her to take steps towards curbing global warming. If your child has never shown interest in gardening, then this is the right time to do so. Organized by the Delhi Tourism, over the past 3 decades, this festival has become the largest flower show in the capital, which has participants including leading nurseries, horticulture and floriculture societies and suppliers of the horticulture equipments, seeds, and fertilisers
  3. Various Government civic agencies as well as private organisations and business houses have developed a special theme garden, which is a sight to behold. Not just this, the evenings will be comprised of special cultural programs to entertain the visitors. There will be a plethora of food stalls with lip smacking cuisines to try your hands on. Various activities for children are also organized, which will keep them entertained throughout the festival period
  4. Delhi Tourism will also provide free shuttle service from Saket Metro Station to the venue and back. What more reasons you require to visit this amazing festival to catch a glimpse of nature within the heart of the concrete jungle? Book your tickets, pack your bags and take your child on this nature bound trip

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| Feb 20, 2018

a must watch for children.

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| Oct 01, 2021

There will be a plethora of food stalls with lip smacking cuisines to try your hands on. - Folsom Tree Service

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