Dengue -- symptoms, treatment and prevention

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Dengue symptoms treatment and prevention

With the onset of monsoon, comes the fear of mosquitoes and dengue. Since there is no special treatment, prevention and environment management is what we all can do. Here are few preventive methods we can practically implement to control the spread. But before we move on to preventive measures for Dengue, let’s understand few things like

What is Dengue?

Ok, so you have heard a lot about Dengue and dengue fever, but do you know what is it, whether it is dangerous or not. Well, according to World Health Organisation (WHO) Dengue is defined as a growing ‘pandemic-prone’ viral disease in numerous parts of the world including India. Dengue spreads through the bites of female Aedes aegypti mosquito. Unlike any other mosquito borne diseases, Dengue thrives in both urban and poor areas, and is also known to affect even the more affluent neighbourhoods in tropical and subtropical countries.

The Aedes aegypti mosquito thrives in clean water rather than dirty water and hence it becomes all the more important to avoid stagnant water at home.

Symptoms Of Dengue Fever in Children

The Dengue symptoms in children are no different than others; however, since Dengue fever has severe flu-like symptoms, it becomes all the more concerning especially with young children below 5 years old. You should be worried about your child and suspect Dengue if he or she shows these symptoms along with high grade fever

  1. Pain behind the eyes: Watch out for the signs or pay attention when your child says that his or her eyes are paining. Immediately take him or her to the doctor
  2. Severe headache: A three-year old may not be able to explain a headache but he or she may feel that their head is feeling heavy on their little shoulders
  3. Vomiting: This is as it is a dangerous sign as too much vomiting means that the child is losing water quickly from his or her body. So immediately consult your doctor
  4. Rashes: If you see sudden and unexplained rashes on your child’s body please immediately consult your doctor for the timely treatment
  5. Muscles and joint pains: A normally active child starts feeling tired and complains about joint pains it is time to take a reality check and take him or her to the doctor

Is Dengue Fever in Children Dangerous?

While mild Dengue is not dangerous per se, if left undetected or untreated it can prove to be a health risk as it can cause other complications like respiratory problems like heavy breathing, persistent vomiting, restlessness and a drop in body temperature.

What Is The Treatment For Dengue In Children?

Unfortunately there is no specific treatment for Dengue in children and prevention is the only way you can ensure to stay protected from the infection. You may like to feed your child with loads of fluids like coconut water, juices, and water. Please avoid medicines like aspirin or ibuprofen during the infection, as it increases the risk of internal bleeding.

How Can You Prevent Dengue In Children

  1. Avoid stagnant water: Regularly clean the cooler pads & plant pots. Don't allow artificial container, broken flasks or cups with stagy water. Keep the filled buckets covered. Clean birds bath daily
  2. Keep the greens outside: Yes we all love greens as they keep the indoors fresh but during monsoon, barring neem and tulsi all the other plants should be kept outside and extra care should be taken to keep the leaves clean and pots filled with adequate water only
  3. Mosquito repellents are important: Use mosquito repellents with minimum of 10% of DEET (diethyl toluamide) for best effects generously. You may use sprays or bands for your toddler
  4. Cover yourself well: Since Dengue mosquitoes are active during the day, it is better to cover your child well during the day. So ensure that he or she is wearing full length trousers, socks, full sleeve tshirts/tops
  5. Keep the indoors clean and dry: Unclog all the clutter from house corners and terrace. Keep them dried and water free. Keep the waste bins covered and clear them frequently. You may also burn camphor for fumes or lemon eucalyptus oil to ensure mosquito free home
  6. Practice these things: Stay indoors with well air conditioned screened rooms. Avoid going out during the day without proper protection and also, do avoid scented perfumes or soaps, which attract mosquitoes

Remember that insect driven illnesses can be easily avoided with sound awareness and safety measures. So this monsoon let’s take a pledge to stay healthy and just enjoy the rains

Did you like the blog? Do you have some more methods by which Dengue can be prevented? Please do share your views and feedback in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you...

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Ashwini Anil Shettar

| Jun 28, 2017

Thanks for very helpfull information

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Sujatha Rajashekhar Butti

| Jun 28, 2017

thanks for the info..

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| Jun 28, 2017

Avoid wearing black and dark coloured clothes wear white or light coloured clothes where most mosquitoes stayon darker areas.

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Amruta Bhosle

| Jun 28, 2017

Very helpful information

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puloma pandey

| Jun 28, 2017

Thank you for the information. I never knew that fragrance attracts mosquitoes. Thank you so much will try to follow all these measures for me and my baby also.

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