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Dental plaque in children

Dr Kunal Gupta
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Dental plaque in children

Dental plaque is a thin layer formation on your child's teeth that can lead to enamel breakdown resulting in cavities. Our paedodentist Dr Kunal Gupta shares some valuable information on dental plaque. Read on to know more...

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Neha Budhia Agarwal

| Sep 29, 2017

My son is 4yrs old.. his teeth are not coming out.. only upper two teeth and jaws teeth have co. e.. i am very much tensed what should i do

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| Sep 25, 2017

hello dr. mere bete k naye daant aane start huye h but wo tedhe nikal rhe h. so uske liye kya kiya jaye.

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Shikha Batra

| Sep 22, 2017

thank u Dr. Kunal Gupta for such an enlightening blog. even bread , ice and nuts can cause harm to teeth 's enamel is an eye opener for many parents including me.

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