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Diwali recipe you must try!

Puja Sharma Vasisht
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Diwali recipe you must try

Looking for something sweet to dig into this Diwali? How about a healthy treat. Our laddoos are tasty and healthy too. Try them now!

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Mrinal Sinha

| Jul 28, 2017

Thanku Puja Puja Sharma Vasisht .

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Sushma Venkata Lakshmi Verubhothla

| Nov 16, 2015

Ya, I too made this recipe with a slight twist, added Ragi powder. And made this recipe on occasion of Deepavali.

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Rhujuta Nadgauda

| Nov 10, 2015

I prepare same recipe of ladoos for my daughter. I also add lil methi pwder and gond (in hindi, it is gud for HB)

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