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DIY Pick Day 1: Duster, Broom… Clean the Room

Swati Nitin Gupta
3 to 7 years

Created by Swati Nitin Gupta
Updated on Oct 24, 2016

DIY Pick Day 1 Duster Broom Clean the Room
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Creative moms in the blogosphere share tips on how to get your children to help you out – and guarantee you a real blast too!

1. Warm up: Like any other physical activity, this too requires a warm up! Put on your child’s favourite music, keep the timer handy and here’s the key – let him/ her dress for the occasion (those clothes they love and you hate – get the idea!).  Set the rules too. Tell them every task is a challenge to be completed within the set time. Here’s what you can say: "Can you get all of those scattered toys put away in two minutes? Go!" They will love you for it!

2. Roleplay: Your child loves to act like you all the time…right? Today give her an opportunity to do exactly that. Here’s what you can say: “Pooja, today you have full freedom to do all the things I do”. You will be surprised how willingly she will get into the character and start cleaning (and cribbing!) just the way you do. But you got to play your part too – so be an obedient daughter and finish the tasks assigned to you by her, in the time that she sets for you.

3. It’s a game: Moms swear by treasure hunt – you can either tell her that the Diwali gift is hidden in the house and she will find it as they go along the chores or you can hide some real coins in different places; tell her how many there are, that if she cleans properly, she'll find them. Then just sit back and enjoy your child’s speed and efficiency.

We would love to know if these ideas worked for you or not and what do you do to get your child to help around the house. Please do share in the comments section.


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| Oct 25, 2016

kids always feel happy when they help elders

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