Do you know what your child is thinking?

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Do you know what your child is thinking

As parents, it can be difficult for us to understand the effects of our own thoughts and behaviours on our child, and sometimes we see it when it's too late. As mothers, the emotions and moods we experience during and post pregnancy greatly impacts our child. We must take the utmost care to be in a positive state of mind to ensure that our child has a stable and positive space in-utero and after birth. Our Proparent blogger Ruchi Bhatia helps us understand this very well, by sharing her own experience of how her stressful relationship with her in-laws impacted her daughter in a significant way.

  • Are we even aware of how our moods and behaviours affect our child? Ruchi began to understand her daughter's feelings and behaviour once she started thinking like her, and then realised how her relationship with her in-laws had affected her daughter and her relationship with her grandparents
  • How do our feelings, thoughts and emotions during and after pregnancy affect our child? Read on to find out
  • Being pregnant and birthing our child in a peaceful, positive home environment can pave the path for a more emotionally stable, secure, happy life for them. Read on for Ruchi's story and let us all strive to give our child the best, even before they're born

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Nupur Tyagi

| Sep 15, 2017

nyc sharing

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| Sep 14, 2017

Thanks for sharing

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| Sep 14, 2017

thanks I am also living in joint family with my bother in low but there daughter is very aggressive and my sil is the same the same family issues pls suggest me something that I can upbring my 1 yr old baby a happy baby

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Shikha Batra

| Sep 14, 2017

I too can feel this difference between my first born and my second born ,probably because of the different circumstances I had to go through during both pregnancies and even afterwards. thanks Parentune Support for sharing this useful blog . I am sure it will help us understand our children better .

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