Does smartphone make your child unhappy?

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Does smartphone make your child unhappy

Technology has overshadowed our lives. We interact with different digital devices all the time. While it may be seen as digital empowerment, there is another side to this whole technology engagement.

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Aarthy Jagadeesh

| Dec 11, 2016

Digital detox is really a good idea!! I was actually thinking about to switch over to basic phones than using smart phones.. my 18 months old kid will never ask for any video unless he sees me or someone else is using the phone.. jus for his sake I avoid using the phone in front of him most of the time.. they learn from us.. so we as parents should try to avoid using gadgets atleast when we are with the kids..

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Vinti Jhawar

| Jul 25, 2016

Digital Detox is a great idea indeed!! The time can be spent in playing games like boggle, monopoly, pictionary with your child, having a story telling session at home where the entire family takes turns in narrating a particular character's part or probably going outdoors and playing games like turnball, badminton, basketball, etc. Subscribe to the toy library friendlytoyz. com for all of these. Follow the link

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Mittal Sarvaiya

| Apr 24, 2016

Totally agree...

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Nandita Lehari

| Mar 30, 2016

Yes it's tru

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| Mar 29, 2016

Dear Maharukh, children learn and imitate from what they see, more than what they are just told to do. These days children see adults busy with their phones all the time. To them, it looks like a natural part of growing up and is an acceptable behaviour.

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maharukh patel

| Mar 27, 2016

Sometimes its the other way. If i have a phone in my hand my 6 yrs old son takes it away n keep playing games the whole day. This has been so much that i have to really hide my mobile n keep on silent mode.

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Payal Sharma

| Mar 27, 2016

True... kids need our time... I always keep my phone away when my baby is up nd play with her.... it really makes a strong bond with your baby n also a more active n happy baby..

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valli radha

| Mar 24, 2016

100%truly said Useful information shared

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Gagandeep Kaur

| Mar 23, 2016

Agreed.. Very useful.. We have to change ourselves first...

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Canisha Kapoor

| Mar 22, 2016

Quite useful information -- a must read for all parents.

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