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Don’t ignore! A blocked nose can cause adverse effects

Dr Shipra Mathur
3 to 7 years

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Dont ignore A blocked nose can cause adverse effects

Did you know that children tend to eat less as a result of a blocked nose? Or that a blocked nose can cause the teeth to be aligned abnormally which alters the shape of the mouth? Here’s more – a blocked nose can also cause hearing and speech impairment in your child! Well, it’s true, so sit up and pay attention when your child sniffles next.

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puloma pandey

| Oct 06, 2017

Thanks Dr. Mathur for sharing the information.

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Ganeev Singh

| Oct 04, 2017

what are naturall way to remove this problem.

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Disha Juneja

| Apr 10, 2017

my son is 5years old and he is take breathe from his mouth plz suggest some useful home remedies

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Kavita Attri

| Apr 09, 2017

my daughter is 5 year old she has chronic adenoids due to which she is not able to breath from nose. I have put her on homoeopathic medication since she was 2 year old but till now she is not recovered please suggest me what to do

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Aruna V

| Apr 07, 2017

My 14 year old kid frequently suffers from blocked nose say atleast once a month from the age of his 6th month and I was really feed up rushing to hospital as they give lots of drops which even consists of antibiotics. please do let us share som home remedies and how to prevent it as I was concerned of these side effects. It would be more helpful

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Nirmala Raja

| Apr 07, 2017

very informative. Do mention the basic remedies that can be given to prevent the nasal block. That would be very useful in addition to this..

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JYOTI Lathwal

| Apr 07, 2017

very informative but pls do share the remedies as well ie how to get rid of the problem..

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Sakshi Gupta

| Apr 06, 2017

My kid has blocked nose most of the times.. she is 3 years old.. it results in cough when she is lying... what should I do..

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