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How To Encourage Your Child's Hobby?

Soma Sarkar
7 to 11 years

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Updated on Dec 28, 2021

How To Encourage Your Childs Hobby
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Memories are what we remember whole life time and childhood memories are everlasting , we often get depressed and out of track doing the mundane jobs daily, we then seek something different and interesting. As we grow up our leisure time gradually lessens and work pressure increases.

Same is with kids; they also come across stress every day. Juggling school, tuitions, bus, sports etc. Hobby is just doing something different from regular jobs. So for their refreshment it is best to opt for a hobby. It’s entertaining and can be made educative too.

Benefits Of Taking Up A Hobby:

There are numerous benefits of taking up a hobby, some are:
  • It creatively utilises your leisure time
  • Works as an anti-stress formula
  • Spreads positivity and distracts you from gadgets
  • Helps you work efficiently
  • Helps in learning time management
  • Boost confidence

Hobbies To Try Out:

Below are some simple hobbies which kids of 7 years and above can try:
  • Painting
  • Card \stamp\old coins\ collection
  • Quilling
  • Sports
  • Reading books
  • Building blocks\wooden blocks
  • Learning some musical instruments
  • Taking dance lessons
  • Art activities, decoration, paper craft
  • Making some dishes
  • Visiting park and watching different types of plants and birds\gardening
  • Yoga
  • Origami
  • Maintaining a dairy
  • Photography

How To Encourage Your Child To Choose A Hobby

Here are some tips how you can encourage your child to choose a hobby:
  1. Sit with your child and listen cautiously to what he likes doing also other activity grades at school can help you sort out. Search some good hobby classes around your area where your child can also get company of his fellow students. That way he will be much more interested
  2. If you can't find any spend time with your child to help him initially if it’s something related to collection take time every weekend to go places. Equip him with all essentials
  3. If it's a sport hobby make him strong by giving good diet and proper guidance to play right. If cooking is the hobby then monitor him and allow him to experiment in kitchen. If learning dance become his partner at home practice. Include your spouse and other family members to make it more effective
  4. If you are tight on budget stick to home-made useable things. If it’s gardening you can also soil your hands sharing quality time with child. Allot specific time in their day clock so they can look towards it

Hobbies can be great in the long run it will occupy you in your alone time and you can actually earn in future if you excel in that field or you can guide others. So let's find out and have fun. Parenthood is again becoming child and learn again from scratch. All the best!

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| Mar 08, 2018

having a hobby is very essential , it keeps the child alive in u.. so it's important for parents too to take up a hobby.. as happy parents make happy children. seeing u yr child will be motivated and would enjoy whatever he does.

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| Mar 13, 2018

I never knew having a hobby and following it is so important. Thanks for sharing this Mam! Very well written blog.

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| Jun 24, 2018


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