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10 Most Famous Teas Around The World

Sukriti Malhotra

Created by Sukriti Malhotra
Updated on Nov 15, 2019

One of the national favorite drinks is tea, usually milky and really sweet. There are unique blends all over the world with herbal and fruit variety and various forms of milk. There are particular techniques off consuming teas. It is savoured with snacks up to five, if not more, times a day. Here are just the most popular varieties with star ingredients and local names. Do enjoy this video on this International Tea Day, 15th December.

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| Apr 17, 2019

hoaplLsjjc i0

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| Dec 20, 2017

Being a tea lover seeing so many variations of tea makes me feel like I should try them. Whenever I get time I am definitely gonna try these for sure. Looks so good in the images. Imagining how it will taste when made with perfection.

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| Dec 15, 2017

a very refreshing and a rejuvenating vlog on teas from different countries. thanks for sharing this info..

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