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Find out: Ways to prevent Malaria in your child

Dr Prabhat Maheshwari
1 to 3 years

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Find out Ways to prevent Malaria in your child

Children under 5 years old are one of most vulnerable groups affected by malaria. There were an estimated 4,38,000 malaria deaths around the world in 2015, of which approximately 69% were children under 5 years of age. Awareness about the disease and its spread may help parents to take proper precautions to save their toddlers from this potential life threatening disease. If your child has any of the following symptoms of malaria, they will need to be hospitalised: • Vomiting • Dehydration • Seizures • Altered consciousness or coma • Repeated convulsions • Difficulty in breathing • Severe pallor (indicating anemia) • Hypoglycemia • Shock However, before things progress this far, as parents, we should be thinking about the prevention of malaria, and home remedies to prevent malaria. In this blog, read about this common disease and how to prevent it by our expert Dr Prabhat Maheshwari

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Astha Srivastava

| Aug 13, 2017

Thank you doctor

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Mansi Bajaj

| Aug 11, 2017

mlmmllll. lmllllllp

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Nikath Zehra Raza

| Jul 06, 2017

these steps are very good as dengue is on top list nowadays thank you doctor.

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Deepika Vinoth

| Jul 05, 2017

Malaria: Causes, Treatment, & Prevention.

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Garima Bhatnagar

| Jul 01, 2017

thanks for sharing this information

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Kalyani Patnala

| Jul 01, 2017

thank u..

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puloma pandey

| Jul 01, 2017

Thanks for sharing the wonderful tips as monsoon is on and the season is malaria and othe disease pron.

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Shreya Rajvanshi

| Jun 03, 2017

Hello Dr Prabhat thank you for sharing this blog. It has been really useful for me as a parent.

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