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Five things I seek freedom from this Independence Day!

Cheena M Gujral
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Created by Cheena M Gujral
Updated on Dec 09, 2018

Five things I seek freedom from this Independence Day
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As we celebrate our 71st Independence Day this year, I wish for a similar existence of freedom in my life -being a 24x7 warrior, caring for my family and home, nurturing my child.I desire a state of independence from the external and internal conflicts of a mother. Freedom often lies in identifying what holds us back – be it old thought patterns, habits or even people – and finding a balance between taking care of our individual needs and those of our loved ones.

I am sharing a few unwanted elements that prevail in my life, which keep me from truly being free – which I aspire to break away from this August.

What does Freedom mean to me?

But before I list those unwanted elements, I want to share what freedom means to me. Freedom and independence, as I see them, are as much individual concepts as they are national. As individuals, what works for one person might not necessarily work for another – so we all need to take some time out to reflect on our lives, recognise what is holding us back, and take positive action to correct it. We must remember to be as patient and loving towards ourselves as we are towards our children.

Why is it important to have Freedom?

Freedom is important because if you are free in body mind and spirit then only you will be able to thrive as an individual and also as a nation. In addition, our 'Conscious principle” which is our 'Self' is by nature free but finds itself bound by the endless chains of rules, and protocols. However, it is believed that when our 'Self' is free mentally and physically we experience a state of pure happiness.

So on that note I wish Happy Independence Day to me! And without any further delay share with you five things I want to do away with this August.

Five Things I seek Freedom From This August

  1. Freedom from a disorganised routine: In between juggling and keeping up with a hectic job and my domestic responsibilities and multitasking constantly – I am unable to create a regular routine that includes enough sleep, and time to rest. I long for a peaceful day – which is almost impossible with a toddler, and a rejuvenating sleep, which a mother rarely experiences
  2. Freedom to be myself: In the constant race against time while getting our child ready for school, send our husbands off to work and dealing with domestic staff and issues, I crave for solitude! My own space where I can think, talk to myself and restore my exhausted energy levels. A jog, gym or a social outing with besties can do it all!
  3. Freedom from prejudices: I read a beautiful quote onParentune - that parenting is the easiest thing to be suggested and the most difficult to implement. So, being a mother to an overactive, fussy eater and an introvert child, I ask for exemption from being judged. Rating me on my parenting style is not what I deserve
  4. Freedom to make decisions: Every parent does the best for their child and their decisions always aim to pave a stronger future for them. It is not always easy todemarcate the rights and wrongs while bringing up a child. The best I can ask for as a mother is the freedom to decide my own parenting style. My own ways to deal with tantrums, fussy eating, handle cries and actions to discipline my child
  5. Freedom from stress, anxiety and guilt: If you are raising a child, stress, guilt and anxiety, are bound to affect you sometimes. Whether your child is eating, avoiding, disliking and misbehaving are reminders always coming at you– that reflect on you as a mother! At times the guilt of yelling or being rude can make a mother a victim of her own anxiety and stress
  6. So this August, I hope all us mothers aspire to rid ourselves of all that ties us down in a healthy way, and become like “free birds” – breathing freely and creating a happier home. Happy Independence Day mommies!!

    Did you find Cheena'sblog on attaining freedom as a mother useful? How do you maintain the balance between your families and your own needs? Do leave your comments…. We love hearing from you!

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| Aug 15, 2017

Thanks for sharing your views. Happy independence Day.

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| Aug 15, 2017

I relate to every single line. Very well written n expressed Happy Independence Day

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| Aug 15, 2017

iuv .q q. q. bvse

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| Aug 16, 2017

Thanks for reading ladies. May it works for every mum.

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| Oct 01, 2017

very useful blog. Thanks for sharing it Cheena M Gujral ! for me freedom to be myself is which I would love to exercise, where I have time for myself and do what I love doing the most everyday even if it is for half an hr to 1 hr.

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