Foods to boost immunity and growth in children

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Updated on Dec 11, 2020

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How can I boost my child's immune system naturally? Why does my child keep getting sick? What are the best vitamins for children's immune system? What are some super immunity baby foods?


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Food and nutrition plays a critical role in your child's overall growth and development. Good nutrition also protects your child from various diseases because of facilitating a good immune system.


  1. Fruits and Vegetables - Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. They are packed with Vitamin A and Vitamin C that are essential to build a child's immunity. Some of the fruits that act as immune boosters include guava, oranges. Like vegetables like onions, carrots etc. are full of beneficial properties. 


  1. Yogurt. Yogurt contains probiotics that are helpful germs. Yogurt is also rich in Calcium.


  1. Dry fruits - Walnuts and almonds are helpful for your child's overall growth and development. Walnuts have healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial in a lot of ways.


  1. Proteins - Proteins from animal sources contain all amino acids and are good for the immune system. Fish, poultry, cheese and eggs are good sources.


  1. Spices like garlic and ginger and turmeric have antibacterial and antiviral. Properties.


Check out this video with Nutritionist Archana Reddy as she talks about Foods to boost immunity and growth in children

Watch the entire video with Nutritionist Archana Reddy to know all about Food and Nutrition for your Child's overall growth and development and Healthy Eating Habits in Children where she gives some important tips.


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