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My Journey From Being A Picky Eater’s Mom To A Happy Mom

Aparna Jha
1 to 3 years

Created by Aparna Jha
Updated on Dec 31, 2019

My Journey From Being A Picky Eaters Mom To A Happy Mom
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I remember how excited I was to hold my little bundle of joy in my arms. I wanted to shower her with all the warmth and affection. I have been patient and have taken care of her through these growing years. I have learned that there’s no point in being restless or intimidated if you are experiencing your child’s fussy behavior around their eating habits. I realized that loving my baby doesn’t mean that in the quest to fill her stomach, I’ll keep pushing her to have more food.

Talking from my own experience, dealing with the picky eating behavior of my daughter was a difficult experience. I have been stressed about the possibility of her getting inadequate nutrition because of her tantrums at mealtimes. Honestly, in the long run, narrating them stories, running behind them or showing them cartoons while feeding them cannot work as a distraction. Kids usually get habituated to theses temporary tactics and can get back to their food refusal zone anytime soon.

My daughter detests chapatis, doesn’t have rice, and sniffs out anything with ragi. As she continues to refuse food from these food groups, she continues to miss the important nutrients from that food group. This picky eating leads to the child receiving selective nutrients as s/he may be missing out on other important nutrients in her day-to-day meals. A healthy diet will not only prevent your child from weakness and illness by strengthening their immunity but also stimulate adequate nourishment required for their physical as well as mental development. It is imperative to tackle this picky eating behavior and bring nutrition into focus in a manner that it also caters to your child’s taste buds.

I remember how in my tryst to find a solution, I read about Fortified foods and learned that it can complement homemade food by providing the missing nutrients via “dense nutrition”. I started looking for a trusted brand, an option, which didn’t have any artificial preservatives. I happened to see the ceregrow ad. It made me curious & I visited the ceregrow website and found some interesting facts about the product. This cereal is made with grains like wheat, oats, rice, corn, rice, milk, and fruits such as Apple, Pomegranate, Orange, and Mango. Ceregrow doesn’t have any added flavors or preservatives. It assures to fulfill the 37% daily iron and 44% daily Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Calcium requirements of a growing toddler. Each bowl of Ceregrow ensures to provide your younger one with protein, vitamins and iron, essential nutrients for the overall development and nutritional requirement of your toddler.

I decided to try Ceregrow for my daughter and she liked the taste of it. Considering my daughter is a picky eater, this was a great beginning. The best part is that ceregrow could be any meal in the day for my daughter, as it assures wholesome nutrition.

Also, it helps that Ceregrow is very easy to prepare. It hardly takes me 10 mins to prepare Ceregrow. Since children never fail to throw their tantrums when it comes to eating food; we have to assure adequate attention is given in at least some of the meals so that they get the best during their tender years of growth.

Disclaimer-  This Blog is supported by Nestle Ceregrow. A child needs more nutrition than an adult. Each bowl of Ceregrow contains the goodness of grains, milk & fruits and makes up for the lack of sufficient nutrition.

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| Jan 10, 2020

my Boy is 3 year and is allergic too so i avoid food with preservatives,can i give her ceregrw

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| Jan 10, 2020

ceregrow 2 times in a day to my 3. 5 year . Will that be OKK

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| Mar 15, 2020

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