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Mrinalini Mankotia
1 to 3 years

Created by Mrinalini Mankotia
Updated on Feb 13, 2018

From One Mom To Another

I'm a mom of a beautiful 3-year-old. It is such a crucial age of development and growth in a child. And like any other mom, I'm always worried about my child's diet, nutrition, overall health, physical activity and complete well-being. I watch my child and observe little changes he begins to show. At this age, a child has a lot of energy and consequentially, needs adequate nutrition. Did you know, 15 pomegranates a day is what it takes to meet your toddler's daily Iron needs? I started discovering how important it is to look after my little one's dietary requirements.

It's been a few months since I started using Nestle Ceregrow. It's loaded with nutritious multigrain cereal, milk and rich fruits. Packed with 15 vitamins, mineral and Iron for normal cognitive development, this cereal also tastes good! It's like a mother's dream come true when you don't have to chase your little one to eat a meal.

This Bowl of Assurance lets me be relaxed. And I want to pass it on to other mothers. This brand has worked best for my child and might for yours too.

Disclaimer: A fortified growing up cereal especially designed for your growing child. Opinions expressed above are independent opinions of the author.

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