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Fun-filled learning with Saregama Carvaan Mini kids

Shikha Batra
1 to 3 years

Created by Shikha Batra
Updated on Apr 20, 2021

 Fun filled learning with Saregama Carvaan Mini kids
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My children’s increased screen time. 

Changes in their behaviour, such as irritability and frustration due to not being able to go out to play due to social distancing norms being in place.

Their constant complaints about getting bored since schooling is curtailed indefinitely till further orders.

Engaging them constructively in a productive way. 

These were concerns my mind was mulling over constantly and were giving me sleepless nights. The Internet with its unregulated content and forced advertisements and seeing my children on the screen for long was my biggest concern.  

 And it was getting difficult to manage the screen time while juggling between work for home and work from home with other responsibilities. 

My Girls are  9 years and 4 years old. My prime concern which gave me sleepless nights was- ‘Since schools are closed and extra-curricular activities remain cancelled, as a result, my children have been confined to homes with limited choices available, what can be done to keep them occupied and channelise their energy in a productive manner?’ My girls were getting dependent on gadgets and using those for hours together to curb boredom and I wanted them to get rid of this addiction at the earliest. 


Just when I was struggling to put a tab on my children’s screen time, a friend of mine shared with me about Saregama Carvaan Mini Kids and how it helped her deal with similar concerns I had. The way she described it made me inquisitive to do more research on it. After checking it a couple of times, I went ahead with this smart buy. It was all I needed to engage my children indoors. no worry of increased screen time 


It is  easy to use, is light-weight, compact and that makes Saregama Carvaan Mini Kids a unique kid-friendly product.

The child specific content is simply amazing.  Rhymes: There is an amazing collection of rhymes in Hindi as well as English.  ‘Ring Ringa Roses’ is my younger child's favourite as she would love to go round and round holding her elder sister’s and my hands reciting it along. These small but valuable moments add fun and bring a smile on our faces besides giving us some family time together.

Stories: My little girl finds this mode really interesting as she enters an imaginary world listening to stories especially the ones based on Mythology with Lord Ganesha being her choicest pick which she listens to on loop. 


Learning Topics : This mode has phonetics and words in Hindi and English and helps the child learn Days of the week, Months of a Year, Number Tables, and has especially curated kids content library. I found it really handy especially in making my elder one learn tables which further helped her solve math problems easily and quickly.


Mantras: The core of our values, the mantras with correct pronunciations including the Gayatri mantra, Sai mantra, Hanuman Chalisa and Devotional songs are included in this mode.

There are many reasons which make it a product in which “Bacche bhi khush and Mummy Papa bhi”. The key ones being:  It improves their:

  1. Vocabulary

  2. Communication skills

  3. Creativity and imagination

  4. Involves fun-filled learning

  5. Reduces screen time by engaging them productively

Saregama Kids Mini is my little angel Kiya’s best buddy now. She would never lose sight of the cute yellow-blue box and would always prefer it to be by her side. The best feature which makes it her personal favourite is Mantras. When parents struggle to make their child learn Sai Mantra, Om Shanti Mantra and other Mantras, my younger child would chant these easily. She would kick start her day by playing the “Mantra button” on her Caravaan Mini chanting the Gayatri Mantra along and retire to bed listening to Hanuman Chalisa.

Listening to stories has given wings to her imagination. I sometimes feel as if she just enters a  whole new world after pressing the button to this mode.

My elder one Riya is equally in love with Caravaan Saregama Mini Kids   She particularly is fond of  the loop feature that lets her play any content continuously on repeat mode. 

Isn’t Caravaan Mini Kids, the smart gift for children as it is a complete package for their educational and playtime needs?  My husband and I are really happy as it has helped us reduce the screen time of our children tremendously without compromising on their learning.  


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| Apr 21, 2021

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| Apr 21, 2021

I too have this same concern . I was literally worried about how I am going to entertain my kids indoors . Thanks to you for such a needy information ! Highly informative ! Would love to read more of your informative blogs like this in future .

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| Apr 22, 2021

Very good . Nice

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| Apr 22, 2021

its looks good . Loved the design .

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