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Genital Hygiene Guide : Teach Your Child

Tasneem Sariya
7 to 11 years

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Updated on Aug 10, 2020

Genital Hygiene Guide Teach Your Child
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While talking about genital hygiene to your child may seem awkward, it is nonetheless an important matter to be discussed when your child is between 7 to 11 years. It is during these growing up years that the genital parts develop and the child becomes aware of them. Hence it is important to give them health and hygiene tips.

Genital Hygiene Guide

Genital hygiene for males and genital hygiene for females are very specific when it comes to adults. However, the importance of genital hygiene for children should not be neglected, since it may lead to infections and future problems.

Teaching Your Child About Personal Hygiene

As parents you are responsible for the personal hygiene for kids when they are still young to wash or bathe by themselves. Instead of talking only about the genital area, explain to your child the importance of overall hygiene. We do tell our kids to wash their hands and clean their faces, however we often do not add by telling them to wash and keep clean their private parts as well. Hence personal hygiene for children begins by educating them about their complete body hygiene.

Genital Hygiene For Boys

Here are some tips for genital hygiene for your little boy, that you must follow in the initial years so that, it becomes a part of his cleanliness process even when he grows up and starts washing and bathing by himself.

  1. Soap not required–

    The area below the foreskin is extremely delicate and it is best to wash it with water alone to avoid any irritation
  2. Private part–

    The penis tip as well as the area around should be gently but regularly cleaned
  3. Infections–

    Sometimes infections may occur during warm weather or when your boy wears tight clothes. These fungal infections such as, groin ringworm or jock itch usually manifest in redness, itching and blisters

Genital Hygiene For Girls

  1. Private Part–

    Clean the vagina well and make sure to clean it from front to back to avoid any anal infections affecting the vagina
  2. Periods–

    As your girl grows up it is always good to start educating her on her menstrual cycle. This will help her understand what to expect and she will not panic when the actual cycle sets in

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Genital Hygiene For Babies/toddlers

Since you bathe your little one, make sure to clean the private areas regularly. This is important when the child is wearing a diaper and thus on its removal the area should be cleaned and washed gently with care. Use a soft towel for wiping off the private parts of your toddler.

Personal Hygiene Tips For Students

Schools as well as at home, it is important to educate your school going child about basic personal hygiene tips. Washing the private parts after using the common bathroom in schools, washing their hands regularly and disposing personal waste correctly are some of the fundamental tips to share with your child. Schools also regularly host personal hygiene sessions to make their students aware and help them practice healthy and hygienic living.

Finally, genital hygiene is of utmost importance, but often we do not freely discuss it with our children. There should be no shame in discussing genital hygiene tips and making your child comfortable with his or her body.

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| Jun 16, 2018

very useful info with quite handy tips.. thanks for sharing!

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| Jun 11, 2020

Well explained importance of personal hygiene as health experts

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