Good-Old Scrabble! More Than Just A Game

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Good Old Scrabble More Than Just A Game

Do you remember the long holiday afternoons that were spent playing board games with your cousins and friends, when you were a child? Board-games are not just fun, but can aid your child’s mental development. And what’s better than a game that is not just entertaining, but does wonders for your child’s vocabulary– Scrabble! It is a great way to get your child interested in the English language, and learn words that are used in every day conversations. Read on to find out how your child will benefit from playing Scrabble.

What Is Scrabble?

A common household favorite with children and adults alike, Scrabble was invented in 1938 by an American architect called Alfred Mosher Butts. It is an indoor board game that encourages both competitive and cooperative play. It can be played by 2 or 4 players. Here’s a quick gist of the game-

How Does Playing Scrabble Help My Child?

Besides being great fun, playing Scrabble comes with several advantages, especially for children. Here’s how Scrabble can help with your child’s development-

Scrabble Is A Family Game

Scrabble is a game for children, parents and grandparents alike. There’s no age limit on fun and creativity, right? Get together with other parents in the neighborhood and organize a board game evening for the children. You’ll be surprised at how competitive things can get when children get together to play! Children play to have fun, so make sure you keep it light and entertaining.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, dust off that Scrabble board and enjoy yourselves. You’re soon going to have a wordsmith on your hands!

Are you an avid Scrabble player, or are you hooked to a completely different board game? Do you and your children play together? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Players have to score points by placing one tile (that has a letter printed on it) at a time on a board made up of 15x15 grids of square
  2. The tiles must, when read, form words either left to right, or in columns. Each tile has a “score” value, with a number printed on it. The objective is to form “accepted” words, and the rules are many. But once your child gets a hang of it, there’s no stopping him
    1. Memory training and cognitive skills: Playing Scrabble can strengthen your child’s memory, and her ability to recall. It also improves one of the most essential cognitive skills – problem solving, as the relevant parts of the brain are being used extensively. Basic Math skills can improve by adding up scores, and calculating points
    2. Vocabulary Building: Your child will learn not just commonly used everyday words, but he can use a dictionary to find meanings of several ‘difficult’ words, too. By playing the game regularly, his vocabulary improves over time
    3. Quick response time: You will observe that once your child begins to play this game, her response time improves. You will see these in little things every day, such as spending less time searching for misplaced books or pencils
    4. Fun and play: It is an ideal game with which to unwind and relax. This is because when you come up with accepted words like PHIZ, QUIFF and MEZQUIT, your child is sure to double up with laughter
    5. Family time: Board games guarantee bonding. You may not be able to have all your meals together on most days, but you could allocate a time to hang out on the weekends playing Scrabble. You are bonding as a family, laughing, building trust and sportsmanship, and love. And nothing works better at busting stress than love and laughter!
    6. Building immunity: The family that has fun together stays healthier too. Laughter and love releases chemicals that reduce stress and negativity. So, in turn, you are helping in strengthening your child’s immune system
    7. Mental development: Playing a board game like Scrabble can help children develop reasoning skills and creative thinking. It can help improve concentration span and focus, too, since it enhances spatial reasoning
    8. Occupational therapy: This board game needs motor skills and dexterity to work the tiles. So, it is a fine form of occupational therapy for children with special needs and for those recovering from accidents

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| Apr 17, 2018

useful information

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| Oct 10, 2017

Thank you Shikha

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| Oct 10, 2017

thank u Ma'am for this comprehensive blog on benefits of playing board games like scrabble. it does guarantee bonding between family members besides other benefits . my elder one loves this game and she enjoys playing it with her father. it's a wonderful stress buster too.

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| Apr 15, 2017

Very nice information thanks

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| Apr 14, 2017

Yes,, u can have this scrabble game at any stationay shop,,, yes it's convenient for 5 yesrs old kids,, thry can easily learn combination of three words.

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| Apr 14, 2017

where can we purchase this game and is it suitable for 5 yr child

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