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Great gifts for Children that cost less than Rs. 500/-

1 to 3 years

Created by Bhavna
Updated on Dec 27, 2019

Great gifts for Children that cost less than Rs 500
Reviewed by Expert panel

It is that time of the year ,  its Christmas followed by New Year's and Lohri later in the next year and I was going completely nuts trying to find a unique gift for my 6-year-old daughter. While I would have liked to spend a decent amount on her gift I realized that I had to buy more than 10 gifts if I included my nieces, nephews and children of my three best friends (who believe it or not have a pair of twins each, phew!!). I was determined and I was on a quest… but two whole days of walking in numerous malls I still had very uninspiring gift options for the children and I would have had to spend a lot in order to get them something that would have excited them.

Victory at Last!!!

I would admit, it again took me a couple of hours to search the internet and actually find some great products across 3 – 12 year age group from sites that would deliver them in time for Christmas but I did it. Now that I had my act together, it got me thinking that there might be other parents like me wanted to buy something special yet economical for their child. So fellow parents I will share the great products that I came across hoping that it will make your child’s Christmas ultra special.




1a. Solar powered legged grasshopper bug









In the direct sunlight, the grasshopper will shake at every port, as if it's ready to prey. It is a fun toy even delighting a 3 year old and at the same time we can teach our children the concept of Green Power. The best part I liked – I don’t have to buy the batteries all the time.





1b. 3 in 1 educational DIY solar robot (robot , scorpion tank)










Can you imagine a robot , a tank and a Scorpion all in one and you don’t even have to buy batteries. It may just be an ideal gift for a 5-6 year old.





1c. Solar powered educational Spider robot toy gadget









Powered by sunlight, this product will shake itself, seemingly forward or backward, spinning around as if looking for food. It is eco friendly and when exposed to sunlight, it can start its mini-engine by shaking itself, so no batteries are needed.





2a. Plastic flute








This is a 33 cms long plastic flute for your child’s first musical adventure.





2b. Saxoflute








I found this very interesting and so did my 6 year old. It is a 15 piece saxoflute which has features like mouthpiece, trumpet end and a whole lot of twisting tubes all made of unbreakable ABS Plastic.




3a. Mastermind







This is a fun and challenging game for children above 8 years , it will make sure that the analytical mind of the child is put to a test. Basically it has 12 chances in which the player has to predict the opponents code.





3b. Othello





The child can be the master of strategy with Othello! The child can choose to play black of white coins. All they need to do is flip their opponent's coins to their own color by trapping them between yours. This game is also made for children above 8 years of age.





3c. Monopoly




Who has not heard about Monopoly, its a property trading board game! It's about buying and selling property to make money. It is hours fun, challenging and great for an 8 year old child.





3d. I am I do







This is a hilarious charades game for the whole family including children as young as 5 years. In this charades game you get to act many crazy and funny things.  It has fun tasks to act and guess and it also helps in developing acting and communication skills in Children.





4a. Chicco Automatic Night Light







Chicco Automatic Night Light gives out a soft light when the baby is asleep without disturbing baby's asleep. A very good solution for lighting for baby's room. The great bit about this night-light is that it uses very less electricity of (1W).





4b. Dual head flexible LED book








This light isgreat for reading wherever one might be. It can be clipped on the book that is being read and it has a Dual Head, Each Head have 2 LED bulbs that are extra bright. The flexible neck adjusts to eliminate reflection or glare and it is made with high quality durable plastic.





5a. Universe Master color LED Light Projecter







This is a cool LED projector. It reflects with precision the solar system on any surface - floor, table, wall, and ceiling… The planets are well designed with their trajectory and pleasant to watch in motion.. Your child may gaze upon the beautiful universe while in his/her room. The Universe Master projector has 3 modes:

- Rotation mode
- LED mode
- Rotation LED mode




5b.  Starry night sky Projector with RGB color changing LEDs







A nice little projector, projecting the night sky filled with stars and a crescent moon. Perfect for daughters and any one who enjoys a little night light during the night.This star beauty projector can be powered by 3 AA batteries or using the AC adapter that comes with it. With just two buttons to select from, this night sky projector can either be left on a constant mode portraying the night sky with all its amazing features, along with the Red, Green and Blue LED color further improving the visual effects of the projection, or simply select the mode that only projects the RGB colors simulating the night sky with three color effects.




6a. LED rechargeable Ultra bright Headlamp Headlight







This LED Rechargeable Ultra Bright Headlamp Headlight is imported, light-weight and reliable. It has a comfortable lightweight elastic headband hence it will easily fit on your child’s head. It is water-resistant and shock proof hence an ideal gift for your child the enthusiastic cyclist or the energetic climber. The best part about it is that it is rechargeable.




6b. Wristband watch







Check out this cool wristband watch, which is both sleek and fun. It has no problematic straps and it can be just slipped on your child’s wrist. It has an accurate digital movement to enhance the quality of the watch. It has a stainless steel back which is easy to wear and makes it more convenient to use. Moreover, it has a water resistance body which gives it the desired durability.




7a. Mystic 8 ball


The Mystic 8 Ball is an oversized novelty pool ball that could have the answer to life, the universe and everything. Ask a random question, give it a shake, and turn it over. The reply appears mystically on the porthole display... It can be hilarious fun for ours on end for your child.




7b. Story Cubes






Story Cubes is a unique storytelling game. The child just has to Roll the story cubes and come up with a story that joins the pictures. It helps to unlock the child’s imagination and develop on the reading as well as the writing skills.




8a. Mini Notebooks







These uber cute set of 10 notebooks will definitely inspire your child to write. Lightweight and small, your child could just slip into her/his bag and scribble, doodle or write just about anything.




8b. Calendar







It is 100 days (in a row) for your child to hang in his/ her room and mark all the important days and dates that need to be kept track of. It helps to develop in a child a sense of responsibility.




9a. Digital photoframe keychain







This is my personal Favorite. The 1.5inch Digital Photo Frame keychain is a visual delight with its portable picture viewer. With this keychain, your child will literally be able to carry a mini photo album. It has a 16MB memory.




9b. Master USB Pen stand plus Speaker







LED Light Hub with penholder that you can put more than 10pcs pen in it together. Plug and play, hot swappable. It can be very easily Connected with a the USB in with a computer, lighting the blue night light, then slide out the cover from front to back, all the USB hubs appearing.




10. A Fish bowl







Last but not the least is a fish bowl. This can be bought in any pet store and are very easy to keep. They need to be fed twice in a day and the bowl can be cleaned every 3-4 days. It is great for those kids who are yet not ready for a bigger pet (like a Dog). Taking care of the fish will teach the child about responsibility and empathy. For more clarity on the subject we have a blog on “ Is your child ready for a Pet " on parentune. It will be a good read if you opt for the fish bowl as a gift for a child.


I hope the above mentioned gift ideas and items have been helpful in tackling the Christmas gift List.

Here’s to a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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This content has been checked & validated by Doctors and Experts of the parentune Expert panel. Our panel consists of Neonatologist, Gynecologist, Peadiatrician, Nutritionist, Child Counselor, Education & Learning Expert, Physiotherapist, Learning disability Expert and Developmental Pead.

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| Dec 24, 2012

Not bad at all! and all of this under rs. 500, when we have to buy gifts, cost is one of the primary concerns, at least for me. thanks for the very neat compilation.

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| Dec 24, 2012

Very good suggestions... thanks

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| Dec 25, 2012

Nice one Bhavna. Rs. 500 doesnt stretch very far thesedays! Your article will surely help in deciding on a gift for children. I like the Monopoly and the digital photo frame keychain the most :)

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| Dec 27, 2012

Very nice suggestions and very innovative way to introduce the solar power among the kids

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| Dec 29, 2012

Thanks for the suggestions Bhawna. I really had tough times to find suitable gifts for my nephews and niece. ..

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| Dec 31, 2012

This is not a run-of-the-mill compilation, but real time and do able suggestions that will come handy now and in the future. Thanks Bhavna!

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| Dec 31, 2012

vow great ideas!! :) hope this should have been put up earlier... I had to scratch my head so much to get descent gift in this year... next yesr will surely be using theses as gifts... thanks again! :)

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| Dec 31, 2012

Great ideas. Thanks Bhavna.

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| Jan 02, 2013

Very nice article. Helps a lot. Thank you.

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| Jan 07, 2013

thanks people , i know i should have put this blog up sooner but i had to make sure that the company is delivering the products in time too and once that happened i was so happy that i just had to share it with my fellow parents.

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| Sep 16, 2013

very useful article and gifts too for children. thankyou bhavna

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| Dec 24, 2013

Indeed very useful info and so many products which I was unaware of

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| Jan 03, 2014

Thanks good stuff nd very nice suggestions

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| Feb 05, 2014


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| Feb 08, 2014

Great gifting ideas

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| May 17, 2016

from where these gifts can be purchased?

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| Dec 20, 2019


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