Handling Twins- A mother's account

Radhika Ravi Rajan
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Handling Twins A mothers account

“Well, I’m a mommy of twins, age 5. If you ask me how have the past five years have been, I would describe it as lots of tears, followed by lots of happiness- of the real kind. Indeed, from the moment my ultrasound test told me I was carrying not one, but two babies, I felt incredibly blessed. There’s no denying that.” Read a mom’s experience of bringing up two children together.

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| Nov 29, 2016

hi radhika good to hear your story yes I'm to mother of twins identical 45 days old it is really a tuffest and challenging task oly for me. Has my twins were top feed in hospital has I had undergone c section. im a working women has to join office in a couple of months. my kids are feed more on top feed than breast feed. so kindly suggest me in feeding pattern for twins and what all precautions shld be taken and challenges should be faced in taking care of twins plz advice and also I request from other mommies of twins to help me on this

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maharukh patel

| Apr 06, 2016

Hi radhika. So good to read all yr comments. I am too a mother of twin both boys 6 yrs. I can really understand n relate to all as we all have been enjoying n going through same condition of bringing them up.

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Tabeer Rizvi

| Mar 21, 2016

Hey i m also a mother of twins ,they r twin girls born on the 1st of jan 2016 they are 2 months old as of now its very difficult to handle twins plzz can anyone help me with breastfeeding issues my children dont take my milk I bottlefeed them they r so used to it they get so restless and start crying like mad wen i breastfeed them there is a guilt inside me that i cant breastfeed them plzz can anyone help!!!

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| Jan 31, 2016

HI.. LOVELY TO READ YOUR STORY. I have non-identical twins now 3 year boys,in addition to a 7 year old elder one!!. i am a doctor and i started working full time only after they started play-school. but its all worth it.. if u have laid a strong foundation,rest assured they will be fine the rest of their lives.. happy parenting radhika!

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Riddhi Sheth

| Nov 24, 2015

hiii!!! even i m mother of twins daughter they r 13 mnths now n yes they r identical.... can so much relate to ur post n had face few starting months like u without maid can imagine... hats off to all mothers of twins!!

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| Nov 06, 2015

three cheers for the twin mommies!!!!!! Hi radhika, i am also a mother of twins (two boys and again non-identical) of 3yrs and 10 months. i could relate your herculean task with mine but my case was little differnt. i am at my mom's place till now as my husband stays away because of his higher studies and i am also doing Ph. D. so all the day time i have to be in the research lab. My parents and my Maternal uncle and aunty and my cousins are so good to handle them that i feel blessed to have all of them around me. hats off to them. my kids are studying at nursery pre-KG, but they are not attentive for studies. they do their all the works and plays well with double concentration but not studying. can you help me or give me some suggestion how to make them studying together? i feel hard to make them study.

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Neha Rajput

| Nov 03, 2015

Hi radhika, iam also mother of twins ( a boy and a girl) they are 11 months old and i could relate myself to the blog so much. Raising twins is a hercules job and it really brings double tears n double or may be more joy. I feel blessed to have them. very well written blog... cheers to all the twin mommies...

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pradeepika P r

| Oct 14, 2015

Hi I m a twin mother too they r 5 months now both are boys non identical. Actually I also have the same experiences like others ,sometimes I cry for my sleepless nights but when I see their smiles all my worries r vanished. I get really tired when both fall sick. I wonder when my kids will be of 5 yrs age.... my parenting would have been impossible without my mom and dad ....hats off for their Patience for becoming again parents for my kids...

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| Oct 11, 2015

Hello, Radhikha. Even I have twins ( not boys but in my case girls & yes, again non identical ) . They are 4 months now. But, unlike you have a helping hand ( god knows what would I do without her ) . But, seriously, hats off to you to manage both the kiddos on your own. Great going .

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kapila trilok

| Oct 11, 2015

Good blog ! Hattsoff to the mother of twins.. Though compared to u all my journey is too short but the problems are more or less same in my case too.. As my twin boys are 7 months old and they are preterm babies.. And bfr that I am a mother to a baby girl of age 5yrs. Omg I don't know how I managed these 7 months... As babies were preterm more care, more attention, more crying,everything more but less of sleep.. Even though I have got a helping hand in day time... My nights r like nightmares. I handle them alone at nights.. There were days where I cried... Screamed.. But since 3 weeks I am finding lot of difference in there sleeping pattern.. Finally got a couple of hours to sleep... Looks like my worst day have passed away.. Smiles on there faces make me forget everything... And yes they r Identical Twins.

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| Oct 10, 2015

a Hi Radhika nice article,yes i myself mother of twins(5yrs) nw,we have our own positive and negative side in upbringing twins likehealthissues when they both fall sick,school admissions as u say,financial criteria etc,the most irritating thing i feel is when mothers of kids with different age groups say "oh you have twins,u did complete your family at one shot"they dont realise the pressure in bringing up kids,our health issues and other problems we face,each has its own sides.

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| Oct 10, 2015

Good blog, Radhika! Yes, I am also a mom of twin boys; They will be 5 yrs old in coming Dec'15. Non-identical too; Though sleepless nights and daytime office work, made me tired, lost weight etc etc, I forget everything when I see their smiling faces. When I buy clothes, I try to buy same or similar colour and style. I do this mainly to avoid discrepancy between them. Ok, when they grow up, they will choose their own. Toys, books, pens, pencils etc etc whatever I buy, I have to buy two numbers. Still they find a small mark or something to identify which one belongs to whom ;) Whenever, they get any single gift to be shared, you can easily guess for a 'world war' at home. In school, they are in same class sitting next to next. In fact, the class teacher tried to make them sit separately, one in the front row and the other two rows behind. Oh... lots of crying etc. Class teacher was very much understanding and she made them sit together again. Unable to avoid comparison :( As of now, there is no 'My' time!!! :)

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Swapna Kulkarni

| Oct 09, 2015

While reading your blog, I was remembering mine early years. Yes, I am mom of twins. Now my sons are 7 year old. When you talked about school admissions, I faced similar problems. With much discussions to school teacher to principal, I made them in one class. Now I do not work for my kids except food. :) They do themselves everything. I faced only one problem of their fight for one toy/thing. But it happens with other siblings too. Nice blog.

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