Hearing an earfull

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Updated on Feb 09, 2016

Hearing an earfull
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| Feb 09, 2016

Reminds me of the other day, when guests were coming over for a night stay and my daughter asked me 'Mama will they sleep in our room?' My reply: 'Baby One should have a big heart'. Her reply : "Mama how will they enter in our heart and won't it be too small for them to sleep there? " My response: "Yes u r right baby. I should have thought about it..... "

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| Sep 08, 2016

it is my childhood story. one day my mother told me in Bengali "tor Jama gulo sab choto hoe jachhe" ( means your cloaths are becoming small). I was so astonished and looking after my dresses!they all are looking of same size!how they can be small!I asked my mother the same!my mother smiled and replied "jama choto hochena;tui boro hoe jachis"( means cloaths are not becoming small but you are growing up my child)...

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