How a piece of advice for Anjali Sud helped her take Vimeo to IPO

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Updated on Mar 07, 2022

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Anjali Sud - CEO, Vimeo

Sud is the CEO of Vimeo, the world’s largest online Ad-free video platform. Anjali credits her success to the best advice she got and stuck to. 

Sud's father encouraged her to leave her comfort zone and enter positions where she is not necessarily experienced.Her Father was an immigrant in Michigan and he coached her about the philosophy of 'put yourself in positions where you might not have a ton of experience.’ Anjali continues to follow her father's advice, while she leads Vimeo.

To know more, Watch this inspiring video now!

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Video source : Vimeo, Moneycontrol
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There are these generalizations, so called notions about success. Do you notice them 

It's not the same; it's never the same! Each one has one's own dreams and our own unique story.

#himforher brings out such unique and inspirational stories of Women Achievers, the 'her'

and their supportive 'him', who have supported them to achieve their dreams.

Here they are, the 6 crisp video stories that we curated, each highlighting a different perspective on this Women’s Day.

1. Who Championed Sindhu's Dream Of Becoming A World Champion :




2. How AIR 28 topper Kajal Jawla cracked Civil Services exam with the help of #him : 


3. How Priya Puniya Earned her Indian Cricket team Cap :



4. Sonu Kakkar's story of never giving up on her dreams :



5. How Anny Divya became India's youngest woman to captain a Boeing 777 :  


6. The secret behind N Ambika's inspiring story of becoming an IPS Officer


While each story is truly unique, We noticed some common factors between these inspiring stories.

1. It's beautiful to have a dream and perhaps equally important to encourage to imagine, to dream, early on, right from childhood. Early encouragement makes a big difference

2. Success is not just that one person's alone as much, it is never one person's effort. Each success story had an anchor, each flight had someone else as the wind beneath their wings.

3. It's not our present that decides our future, it's the future we dream of that elevates us from our present reality.
We hope that #himforher inspires you to take a pause and question some cliche'-s, that it inspires you to pursue your dreams. We also hope that while you pursue your dreams, you will also be somebody's anchor, for each dream needs encouragement at a formative stage. 

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