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How can parents achieve more for their child

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Created by Nitin
Updated on Jul 15, 2013

 How can parents achieve more for their child
Reviewed by Expert panel

Parents perhaps play the most important role in the development of their child. Parents today lack an extended family support and struggle with their busy schedule. They are on a constant lookout for relevant, validated and credible solutions for their child. Parentune, a proparent community empowering parents has been focused on improving the quality of child development, has taken a new step through a focused three-dayseffort with a mix of workshops and expert interactions. Parentune shall celebrate the essence of parenting with relevant support and meaningful interactions for parents with parentune experts and fellow parents, also through parents’ engagement with meaningful solutions for their child.


Urban parents face a completely new set of challenges today. These include:
•Lack of extended family support
•Stressful lifestyle
•Rising expenses
•Stranger danger
•Exposure to media and gadgets


The workshop topics and expert interactions have been designed keeping in mind the above-mentioned constraints and with a focuson helping parents achieve more for their child.Parentune experts have especially designed these interactions and workshops.

What is the main Objective of these workshops ?

The Parents’ day workshops have a goal to engage parents in a supportive, warm, specific and cooperative manner on relevant areas of interest for parents.
The event is focused on helping parents and hence there is a discouragementon selling at the event. The format shall also have a selected few relevant brands and solutions for parents. Parents may interact and register themselves for receiving communication from the brand in future completely by their own will. Each participating brand has been filtered so as to be able to help parents in different dispositions.


What are the key features for these workshops and 1X1 ?

These three daysshall have an undertone ofsupport and solutions for parents through workshops and 1x1 interactions with Parentune Experts. We believe that a proparenting community is crucial towards improving the quality of child development. Imagine, what all would an empowered proparent community be able to achieve for their child. The workshops and 1X1 shall cover important topics like Child Health and Nutrition, Child behaviour and psychology, child development, Parenting, Healthy Pregnancy, Educationand healthy vision.These will have an interactive, experiential and engaging format so as to have a relevant and useful output for parents.

What kinds of workshop are happening on parents’ day?

Parentune Experts construct focused workshops with a background of their ongoing interactions with proparents. Each workshop has been thought through, prepared for and designed to deliver useful tips and solutions to parents. More and more parents today have a stressful lifestyle. It is at times like these that expecting parents need to be cautious while in pregnancy. Young first time parents are worried about providing the right care for their child. The workshop titled, “Conceiving, healthy pregnancy and early childhood care” shall focus on these areas. This workshop shall be conducted by Parentune Gynecologist, IVF Expert &Parentune Neonatologist will bust such myths and also address important areas like Birthing options -normal or caesarean, Tips on a healthy pregnancy, Myths about surrogacy, conceiving a child and best practices to follow from conceiving to birthing. Please see the Parents’ Day schedule table for time, date and registration charges.

More and more parents today complain of their child being glued to the i-pad, TV, FB and so on. Parents worry for their child’s physical wellbeing, and the impact of media on their child. Parentune Experts, Opthalmology and Education experts have designed a workshop on introducing your child to gadgets, Internet and how to choose the right media for your child. This workshop shall address the impact of Gadgets, media, TV, Internet, and mobile in growing up years for a child. The Experts shall also share tips on how to introduce gadgets, Internet and media to a child, and how do parents differentiate between good media and bad media. Myths about eye health and best practices for a healthy vision of a child will also be discussed.

United States has recently declared obesity as a disease, and India is one of the fastest growing countries for this disorder among children.Parentune Nutrition+Wellness Expert and Parenting Expert will conduct a workshop on right nutrition & diet for a child. They would also comer topics like healthy diet, guarding against obesity, physical fitness, and role modeling as parents.

Finding the right preschool and school for a child is one of the most important decisions for a parent. Parentune Experts would be conducting a workshop on fast tracking development& choosing the right preschool and school. Parentune Clinical and Child Psychologist and Education expert shall deliver this workshop.The workshop will address key issues like important ingredients to early learning years, play, music, exploration and curiosity and shall offer handy tips on choosing the right preschool and school.

Aggression in children is a commonly seen phenomenon today. Parentune Child Psychologist and Parenting Expert shall deliver a workshop on handling aggression and behavioral issues in children. The workshop will address key issues like aggression in children, attention seeking, issues related to concentration, children as choice drivers for purchase, importance of role modeling and Spending quality time with family.

More and more parents today want to be their child’s friend. If you are a parent to a teen, you know it’s not as easy as it sounds. Workshop on parenting a teenager will be conducted by Parentune Child and Clinical Psychologist and ParentuneNutrition+ Wellness expert. The workshop will address key issues like Parenting a teenager, early onset of puberty, Facebook, Depression, Internet, adolescence issues, lying, back-talking, boyfriends and girlfriends, nutrition for a teenager, fitness and wellness, pocket money, self esteem, peer influence, and rebellion.

Please refer to the Workshop schedule for the date, timing, and registration details. Each workshop has 55-60 seats subject to availability.

What are the1X1 interactions with Parentune Experts all about?

chatexpert artwork

One on One interaction with Parentune Expert is an opportunity to meet a Parentune Expert one on one to discuss a specific help area. Parentune Experts include Child Care Expert, Nutrition and Wellness Expert, Clinical and Child Psychologist, Child Development & Education Expert, Parenting Expert, Ophthalmologist & Vision Expert, Gynecologist and IVF Expert. These interactions are only on pre-registration basis, which could be done online between today till 25th July or at the Select Citywalk concierge from 21st July onwards. One could also register for a one on one interaction at the parentune booth at the ground floor atrium on Parents’ day (27th to 28th July) subject to availability of time slots.
Each one on one interaction is of 15-20 minutes. The Parentune Experts shall do these interactions for no charges on this Parents’ day. Please refer to the Experts schedule table to pre-register for a one on one.


To know more about Parents' day click here.

“Children learn from their surroundings, more so, they follow their parent as their role model. Children are their parent’s reflection. Remember, you are setting the tone for your child’s future with your actions today, every day.”

– Nitin Pandey (Founder-parentune.com)

This content has been checked & validated by Doctors and Experts of the parentune Expert panel. Our panel consists of Neonatologist, Gynecologist, Peadiatrician, Nutritionist, Child Counselor, Education & Learning Expert, Physiotherapist, Learning disability Expert and Developmental Pead.

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| Jul 16, 2013

The rapidly changing dynamics of our culture and lifestyle are indeed challenging. The parents are finding themselves standing on a shaky ground, wherein they feel confused many a times about how much freedom to give and when?, How to control the amount of time spent on gadgets by kids?, How can they make sure that their child doesn't get bullied and doesn't become aggressive at the same time?, How to develop healthy eating habits not as a compromise but as a worthwhile choice? The dilemmas seem to be unending and parents certainly would benefit from expert advice in such matters. Parentune's initiative of providing service to parents through workshops and 1 X 1 interaction with experts is a great opportunity to bridge the gaps and smoothen out the parenting journey. Three CHEERS for Parentune !!! :)

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| Jul 19, 2013

Please can you not organise some such workshops here in chandigarh too?

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| Jul 31, 2013

Hi Jaspreet! we shall keep you updated on our chandigarh plans. :). You can also read the blog on each workshop on parentune, as we shall blog each one of the workshops in a running commentary manner.

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| Aug 20, 2013

are there any workshops in Bangalore?

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