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How can parents achieve more for their child

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 How can parents achieve more for their child

Parents perhaps play the most important role in the development of their child. Parents today lack an extended family support and struggle with their busy schedule. They are on a constant lookout for relevant, validated and credible solutions for their child. Parentune, a proparent community empowering parents has been focused on improving the quality of child development, has taken a new step through a focused three-dayseffort with a mix of workshops and expert interactions. Parentune shall celebrate the essence of parenting with relevant support and meaningful interactions for parents with parentuneexperts and fellow parents, also through parents’ engagement with meaningful solutions for their child.

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| Aug 20, 2013

are there any workshops in Bangalore?

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Parentune Support

| Jul 31, 2013

Hi Jaspreet! we shall keep you updated on our chandigarh plans. :). You can also read the blog on each workshop on parentune, as we shall blog each one of the workshops in a running commentary manner.

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Jaspreet Kaur

| Jul 19, 2013

Please can you not organise some such workshops here in chandigarh too?

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| Jul 16, 2013

The rapidly changing dynamics of our culture and lifestyle are indeed challenging. The parents are finding themselves standing on a shaky ground, wherein they feel confused many a times about how much freedom to give and when?, How to control the amount of time spent on gadgets by kids?, How can they make sure that their child doesn't get bullied and doesn't become aggressive at the same time?, How to develop healthy eating habits not as a compromise but as a worthwhile choice? The dilemmas seem to be unending and parents certainly would benefit from expert advice in such matters. Parentune's initiative of providing service to parents through workshops and 1 X 1 interaction with experts is a great opportunity to bridge the gaps and smoothen out the parenting journey. Three CHEERS for Parentune !!! :)

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