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How I Kept My Cool during Nursery Admissions

3 to 7 years

Created by Ekta
Updated on Dec 31, 2021

How I Kept My Cool during Nursery Admissions
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Nursery admissions sure are testing times for us parents. From filling up forms offline and online, keeping a tab on important dates to getting together all relevant documents; this big rat race calls for some major attention. Three years ago, I was equally nervous and anxious as you all might be today but I made a checklist of a few important things and this went a long way in helping me keep my cool.

In this blog, I am sharing a checklist of things I paid attention to while I was trying to get my child in the nursery of prestigious schools.

1. Set up Google alerts: This helped me stay updated on any new developments. From DOE circulars, important dates, release of lists to everything else regarding nursery admissions.
2. Made a list of schools: I wrote down names of the schools including the ones I preferred and the ones that were closest. After all, location/ distance is the ultimate decider.

3. A things-to-do list: Made a chart of important dates and one that said ‘things to do’, placed them on the refrigerator because I am around it most of the times. You can choose a corner that you cross maximum number of times. My fridge magnets were quite useful at that time!

4. Kept all documents handy: Maintaining a separate folder with all documents and copies of forms you have filled helps. You can refer to this folder whenever you need to.

5. Saved soft copies as well: I also made a folder on my laptop, which had soft copies of important documents such as residence proof, Adhaar cards, birth certificate, passport size photographs and any other relevant documents.

6. Kept a stationary box at my desk: Along with my folder, I kept a stationary box handy. Things such as blue/black pens, pencils, staplers, fevistick or any other glue can go missing when you need them the most!

7. Read forms of each school twice and thrice to make sure I was taking care of even minute details. While some schools allow online submission, some have an offline submission of forms. In that case, always keep a change of Rs 25 (for registration) handy.

8. Tried my best to not hit the panic button when other parents discussed the number of schools they have applied to.

9. Last but not the least, my little pre-schooler had no idea about what was going on. So I tried my best to not let the stress become apparent in front of him.


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