How I Switched To The Softest Diaper Pants Ever!

Lalita Khandal
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Updated on Oct 27, 2018

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When you become a mother, you ought to think and rethink before opting out any baby product. The same was happening with me over choosing the right diaper for my baby boy. As it was my first child, I had no experience to diapers or the criterion to choose them. The only thing I was considering is “safety” in all the parameters.

While buying and trying, the n number of diapers over the supermarket shelves, I was fully disappointed with my preferences. They were leaky, rashy and uncomfortable for my son. However, I was clueless what to do. Getting up in middle of the night, checking the status of wetness and those cranky baby noises were very disturbing. I remember a night in winters, which turned out to be more frightening as my champ caught a cold, due to his wet diaper. This was the wake-up call for me.

Fortunately, I decided to switch to pampers premium care pants. Although I didn’t know much about the features, I was somewhat convinced with the packaging details. The features like cottony-soft material, wetness indicator, and breathable pores, were enough to hit my mommy brain. That was the moment I clinched to take pampers in my cart.

From there begins my journey of peace and ease. So definitely, I will be detailing my reviews for mommy friends out there. Before I plunge into reviewing the product, let me share my overall rating here:

My ratings for Pampers: 5/5


Softest comfort is the most desirable attribute of pampers pants for me. Those little bumps are no more rashy and itchy. The cottony touch of diapers is so smooth on my baby’s skin that I can feel his comfort even being infix. His no-more-rashes situation is dream come true for me.

Wetness Indicator

This feature is the wow factor for me in the pampers pants. This is like a friend in need. There is no more tossing and checking the inner side of the diaper to judge the changing hour. It's just the turn from yellow to blue in color, that guides the time of diaper replacement. Imagine, bus color dekha and change kiya!!


Pampers also mentions something on their pack called ‘air channels’ - this thing makes the diaper breathe. My son is always cheerful even draped in a diaper as they are giving his skin breathable space. He is not stuck in an airtight jar; his skin is actually breathing despite being covered.

Disposal Tape & Aloe Vera Layer

Pamper pants have effectively changed my motherhood existence. They are easy to put up against that delicate waist and equally convenient to remove by tearing them apart. Their disposal is very handy with the presence of disposable tape. The diaper can be rolled using the tape which converts it into a wrap that can be thrown just like that. Above all, the baby lotion in the diaper is a guard against any skin illness as it contains the beneficial aloe vera.

In a nutshell

In a crux, pampers premium pant is must try for all the moms who seek goodness for the baby. They are good, safe, easy and blended with all the suitables for a mom and their baby. I would like to give full marks to pampers premium care and rate it 5/5.

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| Nov 22, 2018

thanks for sharing. good info. I'll try it for my baby.

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| Nov 22, 2018

thanks for sharing this info. very nice blog. how much does this pack cost btw?

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| Dec 08, 2018


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| Oct 21, 2019

Min j

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