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How to deal with Constipation in a 1 year old?

Archana Reddy
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Updated on Jan 05, 2021

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Constipation is a common concern in babies and can make them uncomfortable. Bowel movements may vary from one child to another depending on factors like type of milk consumed, introduction of solids etc.

Here are some tips if your child has constipation:

Switch up the milk

If your baby is breastfed, try changing your diet. Your baby may be sensitive to something you’re eating. 

The same goes if your baby is bottle fed. You can try a different type of formula at least until the constipation clears. 

Foods rich in fibre: Try adding a few high fibre foods like broccoli, pears, prunes and peaches. Try foods like barley, oats, or quinoa.

Increase the fluids

Proper hydration is important for regular bowel movements. You can also try juices as these help your baby produce a bowel movement more quickly.

Encourage exercise

Movement helps in digestion and helps move things through the body. Encourage some movement.


Gentle stomach and lower-abdomen massages may lead to bowel movement. Many massages throughout the day can improve the bowel movements.

Also don’t hesitate to call your child’s pediatrician. In most of the cases, your child’s constipation will clear on its own or with a natural treatment or two.

If that does not work, ask your doctor for advice or suggestions.

Check out this video with Nutritionist Archana Reddy as she talks about How to address constipation in a 1 yr old child.

Watch the entire video with Nutritionist Archana Reddy to know all about Food and Nutrition for your Child’s Overall Growth and Development and Healthy Eating Habits in Children where she gives some important tips.


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| Oct 31, 2021

Hai ,my baby is one month aged,she is nt gng to motion for atleast 3-4 days. plz advice me how to get rid of this problem.

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