How To Enroll Your Child In Gymnastics - 8 ways

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How To Enroll Your Child In Gymnastics 8 ways
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Gymnastics is often called the mother of all sports and it is not so without reason. The sport engages every muscle, every bone in the body that lays the building blocks for athletic pursuits down the line. Not just that it enhances the cognitive skills thereby encouraging healthy brain function. It is highly conclusive that a healthy body develops a healthy brain and therefore, physically fit children often do well in their academics as well.

But how to get to a great gym that would help your child in the best possible way. Here I have listed few ways to enroll your child into gymnastics. Read on to know more.

Ways To Enroll Your Child Into Gymnastics

  1. Getting started: For preschoolers or starters, getting the child enrolled to a “mommy and me” class or a “turn and tumble” class is the best bet. That way the child is not overwhelmed with the heavy equipment and gets to learn the basics in a safe environment
  2. Find a gym: As much as it is important that your gym is in close proximity to your residence, it is as pertinent for it to have all that you ask of from a well-equipped gym. For example, check on the gymnast/coach ratio, safety measures, staffing, lighting and cleanliness, activities offered, overall friendliness of the gym, etc
  3. Logistics of the gym: Find out about the class timings, duration of the class, fee offered, compensatory classes (if any), workout attire, whether the gym offers recreational and/or competitive classes, the equipment the gymnast would be trained on, visitors’ viewing area etc. These are some very important factors that would help you decide on an appropriate gym
  4. Evaluating gym equipment: We assume that most parents are unaware of what to look for when checking the equipment (I was one such parent who learnt along the way). For you, you may want to check for the latest equipment offered. Also, look for bouncy spring floors, vault tables, uneven bars, parallel bars, good mats, weights, tumble tracks, soft tumbling areas, etc. For the mats look for the thin mats and the 8-inch mats as well. For parallel bars, check for their crookedness. If there is a pit in the gym, that’s an added bonus
  5. Talk to gym parents: You will meet a lot of other gym parents who would be willing to testify for the gym you are looking for. Just like any other are you would want your child to be enrolled, you may want to have a word or two with the other parents as well. Qualification of the coaches, owner related details, gym schedules, safety issues, etc. can all form a part of your inquiry

8 Reasons To Enroll Your Child Into Gymnastics

The gym is a great place to have a ton of fun and once your child will start finding their comfort, you would notice that they would not want to leave it. So switch of your iPad right away and head to the nearest gym and have a pep chat with your youngster. Have fun!

If that is not reason enough, I list down a few points that would make you opt for this sport for your youngster who has been turning the house upside down with their cartwheels and tumbles.

  1. It is fun: The number one reason for your child to opt for gymnastics is that it is an immensely fun activity that involves, jumping, bouncing, swinging, running and flipping in a safe environment. They get to use their energy in progressive and expressive way under the supervision of the qualified coach who knows how to bring out the best in each body type
  2. Following directions: Children listen to multi-stepped directions during exercise that makes them aware of what needs to be done next. This skill development is highly effective for children (age 4-7) who are learning to get directions correctly and gain independent access to their environment
  3. Co-operation: Gymnastics teaches children to work together. They get to partner drills, follow each other and share their working space. Cleaning their space, getting the mats in order, handling the equipment together makes them responsible for their things even at home
  4. Conflict resolution: When you don’t get to stand next to your friend or don’t get to go first, you tend to get restless- well, the children do! But gymnastics teaches the skills required to handles and resolve conflicts in an appropriate way. This also helps them to listen to adult/teacher directions and navigate through social dynamics with their peers
  5. Persistence: For any skill to be developed fully one is required to keep trying till they achieve. Gymnastics teaches the child to stay with an activity till it is completed thereby enhancing their persistence towards a given activity elsewhere as well
  6. Building character: Listening, respecting rules and patience leads to discipline and self-regulated behavior. They know when to ask for help from their coach & peers and how to streamline their failures into mini successes. Falling and getting back up makes them resilient and helps them recover quickly from difficulties. Overcoming fear and jealousy are other things which gymnastics can help them cope with
  7. Value of effort: When the child keeps trying to get their skills right, they begin associating it with perseverance. Gymnastics is not an easy sport. To get a cartwheel or any skill right a child needs to give hours of practice and time. And once they do get it, they start valuing their effort more than making Lego tower from the directions given
  8. Self-confidence and courage: Gymnastics is a sport which makes one push their limit and gives an opportunity to develop courage. All these feelings they have of giving up anything they may want to in the future can ask of them to overcome their fears. All these attributes help them enhance their self-confidence immensely which can be used in any sphere of their life

Believe me, the above points are just a tip of the iceberg. For the overall development of your child getting them to have some action is always beneficial. What better way than to begin with gymnastics, anyway, which will help them no matter where their athletic career will be.

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| Jan 27, 2018


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| Jan 29, 2018

Gymnastics can bring out the best in the child. it does improves child's stamina and will power . thanks for sharing

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| Feb 01, 2018

It's a beautiful article and as a handwriting analyst, I will support it because you really need both gross and fine motor skills to be handwriting ready. Gymnastics would help in many ways, listening, concentration, movement, which is helpful for both body and brain. It's a very good idea to send a child to such classes because it adds to their performance in a big way.

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| Jun 23, 2018

I read gymnastics hinder the height of children. I have seen most of gymnasts short heighted. can u please throw light on this

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| Aug 01, 2018

my child is not physically active. he don't have much stamina also. he is 8 year old now. Is it possible to join into gymnastics. Am thinking in another way that if I make him to join into gymnastics he will become strong n active. is it possible. pls guide me.

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| Jan 27, 2020

As an Ex Gymnast, I can definitely vouch for its benefits in agility and motor skills, which are helpful to this date, I'm 30+ now. However, you need to start early. Yes, it is a general opinion that Gymnastics can hinder height growth. However, there is no scientific proof behind it. Most professional gymnasts have good enough height; i. e. 5'7" 5'8" is normal height. Though, at younger age, the growth may seem slower.

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