How To Improve Chances Of Conceiving With Thyroid, BP & Overweight

Dr Lalita Mayadeo

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Updated on Sep 23, 2020

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These days Thyroid, BP, PCOD and overweight are the most common issues a woman faces while trying to conceive.

The thyroid gland is a small butterfly shaped organ located in the lower front part of the neck. It is an important part of the endocrine system. Improper functioning of thyroid gland may impact a woman's ability to conceive. A doctor would always check and ensure thyroid levels are proper before any woman plans a baby. Approximately five to ten percent of ladies trying to conceive are found to have impaired thyroid levels.

Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism refer to conditions when a woman's body produces too much or too little thyroid hormones respectively. These conditions impact a woman's normal menstrual cycle, impacting ovulation and thereby impeding chances of conception. Treatment and medication can help in regaining fertility. A few effects of impaired thyroid functioning are as follows.

  1. Anovulatory cycles: A condition when ovulation is improper and may make pregnancy impossible
  2. Issues in Leutal phase: The second half of the menstrual cycle and a phase when the fertilised egg fails to implant itself and miscarriage occurs with bleeding at the same time as regular period
  3. Impacted Prolactin levels: Lower levels of thyroxine combined with high levels of thyroid releasing hormones may result in poor or missing ovulation
  4. Hormonal Imbalance: Reduced levels of SHBG, dominance of oestrogen levels and deficiency of progesterone may all cumulatively impact the reproductive system and impair fertility

These does not mean that women who is having these issues cannot conceive.

There are certain things if followed can help a women to conceive , watch the video as Dr Lalita Mayadeo explains in this video.

Watch the complete video on Infertility In Women.

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