How to inspire good habits at home?

Amrita Mazumdar Pokkunuri
3 to 7 years

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How to inspire good habits at home

My childhood was spent in the idyllic town of Coonoor (in Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu) with harrowing water crisis! It would come twice, may be thrice a week, if we were lucky! Early on, I learnt the pain of this crisis... though, I must admit that now-a-days, I had nearly forgotten those times and have been slipping.

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Aparna Hariharan

| Jan 04, 2017

Good thoughts. in our home rules are strict about wastage be it water , food or electricity. my older son at age of 2. 5 years was taught to close the tap while he brush his teeth. switch off the fan when he is up from the bed and do not waste food . It's important to teach our kids to discipline on these things that can contribute to savior or our mother nature.

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| Nov 30, 2016

excellent.. and very trur

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Jhalak Sharma

| Jun 25, 2016

a very good thought, but not only at home we Shld practice it every where.

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Tanisha Khanna

| Jun 15, 2016

Quite an interesting read. Good blog!

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Alka Prajapati

| Jun 09, 2016

Good thought

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Liza Banerjee

| Jun 07, 2016

Its our responsibilty to teach our generation to respect mother nature. My 3yr old kid never ever throws any waste on roads or anywhere even when no body is noticing him. He actualy carries it till he finds a dustbin where I have to lift him to help him throw it. This has been inculcated in him. We must encourage everytime by doing it ourself No unnecessary use of lights during daytime. Electricity be it ours or others after all it belongs to Our Mother Nature Once these are inculcated in them they will stay lifelong

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| Jun 06, 2016

very good blog. As mothers we need to inculcate these habits at home.

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| Jun 06, 2016

Nice tips. We need to conserve water for our future generation.

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| Jun 06, 2016

We must start following these habit.

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