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How to Limit Your Child's Screen Time

Moumita Sen
1 to 3 years

Created by Moumita Sen
Updated on Mar 26, 2021

How to Limit Your Childs Screen Time
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It's been a year since the lockdown commenced and thereafter it has been extremely difficult managing Arin, keeping him always engaged and fulfilling his curiosity. He keeps on asking questions or expects me to play with him all the time. Being a working mom, it becomes quite a difficult task for me.

I don't want him to get addicted to #screentime but that's the only alternative I am usually left with. Thankfully a few days back I came across the Saregama carvaan mini kids. I was in search of an option that would keep Arin engaged, satiate his inquisitive mind and simultaneously educate him. And the Saregama #carvaanminikids seems to fit in all these characteristics perfectly.

With a plethora of mantras, rhymes, stories, it not only keeps Arin productively occupied but also improves his comprehensive skill development like language, rhythm, music, and vocabulary. Thankfully, it's exactly the way I wanted my son to be occupied.

Well, my little one's new found love is the Saregama Carvaan mini kids that would satisfy every kid's curious mind in the most enriching way.

You can avail 10% discount on saregama's website by using coupon code Parentune10 .

#Learningisfun #parentunecollab

Disclaimer- This content is sponsored by Saregama Carvaan MiniKids

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