How to make your teen in-sync with your routine -- Tips

Shweta Chopra
11 to 16 years

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How to make your teen in sync with your routine Tips

Isn't really disheartening to know that your child today knows the price of everything but the value of nothing. Isn't it? Isn't it disheartening to see a teenager unable to appreciate or see a parents point of view and stand tall against something only he believes in? Our blogger Shweta Chopra suggests some ways by which you can ensure your child is strong in the right ways.

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Shikha Batra

| Oct 25, 2017

age is no bar for hugs. a child would always remain a child for his parents.. no matter how old he is. the communication channels should always be left open. i believe discussing our childhood as well as teenage years with our children would always work as they would understand nothing comes for free and even their parents have earned everything with hard work.. a brilliant piece of work.. Thanks Shweta Chopra for sharing this!

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Shalini singh

| Feb 04, 2017

sharing our experiences I would say also keep them in existence. normally we only discuss what had happened in past so they wll not able to connect with that. I would say lets be more open to discuss these issues. and also ask their opinions.

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Shreya Rajvanshi

| Jan 27, 2017

@Jitendra Khairnar What you are saying happens when the connect between parents and child is not strong enough. Also, the idea is to teach them the value so how we narrate about our struggles to them makes a huge difference. We need to make them understand that in our times we were not blessed with technology that they have an easy access to.

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Jitendra Khairnar

| Jan 26, 2017

#Talk about your struggle?? These days children are so straight forward that after hearings the story of parents struggle they have the impression that you struggled simply because you were not competent enough or you were coward or foolish or backward thinker... We can imbibe important values by not telling them or by giving our examples or telling our story.. which they generally find monotonous and boring but by practicing, leading by example. We need to ensure that children understand that everything has value and nothing comes free, everything has cost.. other tips are useful...

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