How to start breastfeeding (you can plan it out!)

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How to start breastfeeding you can plan it out

Becoming a new mother is perhaps one of the most amazing, exciting and challenging things you might ever experience. Once your baby arrives, you naturally want to provide the best care and nurturing for them. Although breastfeeding is one of the most natural processes for a new mother, it can at times be quite challenging. It is best for you to be prepared well before you give birth – mentally and physically – rather than wait until after. Proparent blogger Ridhi Doomra helps you understand the importance of preparing yourself for breastfeeding well before you deliver your bundle of joy, by sharing 5 useful tips – • What are the important things you need to know –breastfeeding myths and facts, how much milk does your baby need? And more - educate yourself and be mentally prepared well in advance • Attend a class on new-born care or ask your doctor what you need to know • What accessories would you need? Read on to find out… • What are the possible challenges you might face while breastfeeding and how to cope with them? • What are the best foods that naturally boost milk supply? Remember, you are not alone! Seek information from reliable online resources (like Parentune), talk to other new moms, or to your family elders, read books, take a prenatal class, and read on for more on how to successfully breastfeed your precious baby…

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