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Importance of Nestle ceregrow for babies

Priyanka Aggarwal
1 to 3 years

Created by Priyanka Aggarwal
Updated on Mar 19, 2022

Mishe is the most cute and active baby in our family and seeing her growing so wonderfully makes me delighted.
She is bright and playful, she is always in her ‘ready-set-go’ mode ????.

To ensure that her energy stays the same throughout the day,
I pay proper attention to her meals. Since she is at a growing age, and we can't deny the fact that kids at this age are fussy eaters
it’s important to see that she’s getting all the right kind of nutrients and that She’s not eating meals that are only filling up her tummy without providing any nutrition.

Thanks to @nestleceregrow, all my worries about her diet are gone! Filled with immuno-nutrients, 16 vitamins, minerals, and iron, it contributes to my child's physical and mental growth.

So glad that mishe's nutrition intake is now always in check, all because of @nestleceregrow! You know, ye toh mera hi nahi.. har mom ka favourite hai because hum poshan dene aur pet bharne main farak samajhte hai aur sahi poshan dene se hi #FarakPadtaHai, haina? :) ♥️

So Give this a try, mommies!????????

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| Mar 25, 2022

Very nice

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| Mar 21, 2022


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| Mar 19, 2022


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