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Importance of proper diet and exercise

Rashmi Singh
1 to 3 years

Created by Rashmi Singh
Updated on Nov 08, 2021

A healthy lifestyle is very important, so with proper diet & exercise, we take Dr. Reddy's curhealth every day to protect us from the virus and bacteria & to boost immunity. We just have to open the sachet, mix in the milk and enjoy. curhealth is a purified extract of turmeric & it has 10X bioavailable Curcumin than kitchen Haldi, Which gives us the strength to fight against illness and infection. Also, it's gluten-free and comes with a delicious Kesar badam flavor with no added sugar and preservatives.
That's why all of us in our family enjoy having it every day.

Immunity bhi, taste bhi

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| Aug 04, 2022

Many people think that they don't have time to exercise and they are just too busy. But the truth is, everyone needs to exercise. No matter how busy you are, if you take care of your body in a healthy way, you won't suffer from obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases, for example. I say you can check and get information about fitness. Although it is not very enjoyable or fun at first, there are many benefits that come with this route and once you start practicing proper diet as well as long-term exercises like cardio, your life will be so much better than before .

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