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Instant Kulfi

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Updated on Mar 05, 2015

Instant Kulfi
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Add some sweet fun to Holi with our instant kulfi recipe. It is easy to make, instant, and uses loads of milk and dry-fruits, making it a good choice for children too.

Take 2 litres of full-fat milk in a heavy bottom pan. Boil it and then simmer it down. Cover with a lid, leaving a breathing space open so milk doesn’t boil over. Keep stirring in between.
Once milk is reduces to a thick consistency, switch off the stove, add sugar. Blend in a mixer or use a hand blender to smoothen consistency.
Add condensed milk, spoon by spoon, to mix well and keep the sugar level comfortable.
At this stage, add crushed almonds, pistas or other dry fruits of your choice to the mix.
Put in kulfi moulds and freeze.

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| Mar 06, 2015

I think it's according to ur taste i only add condensed milk as per taste

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| Mar 06, 2015

Quantity of sugar n condensed milk

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| Mar 06, 2015

U need to mention quantity of sugar and condensed milk

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