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International Day Of Sport For Development & Peace

Urvashi Shah
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Updated on Apr 12, 2018

International Day Of Sport For Development Peace
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April 6 every year is observed as the United Nations’ (UN) International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, which recognizes the power of sport in promoting peace and erasing cultural barriers worldwide. This International Sports Day 2018 will aim to promote healthy lifestyle and emphasize on the International Olympic Committee’s focus on giving as many people access to sports. This day is marked by the world’s leading sportspersons who work together with communities to bring sporting opportunities to enrich lives, especially that of children. World Sports Day 2018 is going to be celebrated on a global scale.

All You Need To Know About International Day Of Sport For Development And Peace

The International Olympic Committee and the United Nations have a long standing commitment of using sport as a tool for social change by working in harmony on many projects. Both organizations have used sporting events, such as the Olympic Games, to bridge cultural understanding and improve education, health, economic and social development. On August 23, 2013, the UN proclaimed that the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace would be celebrated on April 6 each year. This date also marks the opening of the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896.

Objectives Of International Sports Day For Development And Peace 2018

  1. Sports as a fundamental right:

    The right of access and participation in sports and play has been recognized by a number of international conventions. In 1978, UNESCO described sport and physical education as a ‘fundamental right for all’. But despite it, the right to play and sport has too often been ignored or disrespected
  2. Sports as a powerful tool:

    Sports is considered to be a unique power to attract, mobilize and inspire. Sport plays a significant role as a promoter of social integration and economic development in different geographical, cultural and political contexts. Hence, sports is a powerful tool to strengthen social ties and networks and promotes the ideologies of peace, fraternity, solidarity, tolerance and justice. Sports also aims to encourage healthy development, prevention of diseases, promotion of gender equality, peace building, economic development, communication and social mobilization and so on
  3. Sports and peace:

    Sports being a universal language promotes peace, tolerance, justice by bridging the gaps between people on a global basis. The basic and core values of sports such as teamwork, fairness, discipline, respect for the opponent and the rules of the game are understood all over the world and can be harnessed in the advancement of solidarity, social cohesion and peaceful coexistence. Sports represent to be a flexible and cost-effective medium for post-conflict relief work and peace building exercise
  4. Sports and sustainable development:

    Sports has been a powerful tool as a flexible and cost-effective measure in promoting peace and development

This International Sports Day 2018, encourage your child to participate in various kinds of sports activities for his/her overall development and growth. Not just your child, even you as a parent can be a part of this sporting event by taking active participation in sports related activities to keep yourself in shape as well as to promote peace, justice and harmony.

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