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International Jazz Day 2018

Mansi Dubey
3 to 7 years

Created by Mansi Dubey
Updated on Apr 30, 2018

International Jazz Day 2018
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“Jazz is not just music, it is a way of life, it is a way of being, a way of thinking”- Nina Simone International Jazz day is celebrated to honour jazz music and its power to bring people together. Hence, on November 2011 UNESCO proclaimed 30 April as International Jazz day. The message for freedom is well rooted in this music. Its various styles have been integrated and embraced in many different cultures. Jazz speaks to people from different background and linguists. It breaks down barriers and creates mutual understanding among people by encouraging artistic innovation, expression, improvisation, and incorporation of traditional music forms into the new ones.

As it speaks to people from different political and economic backgrounds, it reduces tension between individuals, groups and communities of different culture by stimulating and improvising intercultural dialogue between people and empowering people from marginalised societies or groups by giving them freedom of expression through music.

Herbie Hancock, UNESCO goodwill ambassador for intercultural dialogue announced his desire to create an international day to celebrate the diplomatic role of the Jazz music. International Jazz day is celebrated annually with a different host country every year. The celebration includes weeklong series of educational and musical programs featuring Jazz artists from around the world. In 2017, the Jazz day was hosted by Havana, Cuba. This year, the city of Saint Petersburg will serve as a Global Host city. The city gave rise to the Russian Jazz music by embracing it from the beginning, leading to the establishment of the country’s first Jazz Philharmonic Hall. This year the International Jazz Day will be celebrated in over 190 countries.

Musicians, teachers, actors, event organisers, students and all the fan of jazz music will get to be the part of Small concerts, workshops and activities which will proceed in schools, museums, cafes and jazz clubs. In Saint Petersburg there will be workshops, music performances by some famous Russian jazz artists, movie screening etc.

Music can change the world because it can change people. Being a mother you must introduce your child to this powerful form of music. Jazz can act as an educational tool, it will teach your child empathy, value and power of music and freedom of expression through music. Your child will be able to recognize the unique music style that jazz represents. It will also help your child develop respect for people from different communities and background who share the same passion, love and idea for Jazz. Moreover, he/she will embrace the power of music that gives us freedom of speech and expression.

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| Apr 30, 2018

Hello plz help me Mera beta ek sal ka ho gaya hai use loose motion n vomiting ho rhi hai. Dr ko dikhati hu WO dawa dete hai PR wahi problem suru ho jati hai plz help me...

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| May 04, 2018


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