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Surajkund Crafts Mela- Things You Should Do With Your Child Here

Urvashi Shah
3 to 7 years

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Feb 01, 2018

Surajkund Crafts Mela Things You Should Do With Your Child Here
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Surajkund Mela 2018 brings a vibrant scenic beauty in the town of Faridabad, where you can witness arts, crafts, music, dance, ethnic cuisines, colourful ambiance and much more. This mind boggling opportunity is ringing soon and you must hop on to your chance to live the experience for once.

Surajkund Mela is a fair where thousands of people from all over the globe throng to be a part of the vibrant culture where craftsmen and artisans of India and other SAARC nations come together to show their talents.

The 32nd Surajkund Mela 2018 will commence from 2nd February 2018 and wind up on 18th February 2018 wherein versatile activities and performance will take place on a grand level.

Highlights of Surajkund Mela-

  1. The prime highlight of this fair is that each year any one of the Indian state gets the honour of being the theme of the festival in a view to promote the art, craft, culture and cuisine of the state.

    Telangana got to be the theme of the 30th Mela while Jharkhand bagged to be the theme of the 31st Mela, this year’s theme state being Uttar Pradesh. While each state gets to be the theme of the fair, a participating country gets to be the Partner Nation.

  2. This fair is the brain child of Haryana Tourism in a bid to promote skilled artisans who can take up this platform to directly market their goods and sell it to the public by eliminating the middlemen.


    Handcrafted goods are sold in this fair to promote craftsmanship and creativity of the locals coming from different backdrops. Not just this, you also get to taste various lip smacking local cuisine of the main state which gets chosen to be the theme of the fair.


  4. Apart from this, various skits and plays are put up by people which addresses different social issues affecting our society. Musical evenings also take place at the ‘Natyashala’ where best musicians come from different states to showcase their hidden talent.

  5. There are also places in the fair where adventure parks, sports and joyrides are set up where you and your loved ones can make the most of your enjoyment.

You can take your little one to this fair where the lively culture of the entire nation will unfold before him/her. You can teach your child about the diverse culture and history of various states of the country in a practical way during this fair.

There are a lot of reasons to visit this Mela with your child and a lot of things to do, such as-

  1. Shopping your heart out: This activity needs no introduction. I am sure you would love to shop various kinds of handicrafts items available in the markets at this fair and take back home as a souvenir. From clothes to jewellery to carpets to soaps and much more, shop till you drop!

    There will also be a lot of toys and other items that will catch your child’s attention which you can buy for him/her at this fair.

  2. Tasting the local cuisines: While shopping can give you hunger pangs, how about trying your hands on some of the best local delicacies in the fair? Let your child explore the local cuisine of the main state which gets to be the theme of the Mela.

    From the vada pavs of Mumbai to litti choka of Bihar to sambhar vada of South India to momos of Nagaland, indulge in everything whilst exploring this amazing fair with your child. With these lip smacking cuisines to taste, your child will surely want you to make them for lunch or dinner.

  3. Watching the performances: The dance and music shows are very engaging here and your child will love them to the core. Cultural dance programs are put up where your little one can learn to pick up some steps and show his/her moves too. There are also various jaw dropping stunt shows which will thrill your child.

  4. Hop on for a joyous helicopter ride: This fair also organizes a helicopter joyride for the visitors which you can take an advantage of. Your child will surely want to enjoy the adventurous time in the air and you can accompany him/her for the same.

  5. Get enthralled at the amusement zone: You and your child can have fun at the amusement zone where various adrenalin pumping rides awaits you. From bungee jumping to Ferris wheel to playing video games, relive your childhood memories with your little one at this park.

With all these wonderful things to do, see and explore at the Surajkund Mela, do you need any more reasons to go? If you’re already excited to witness this grand fair then book your tickets right away and let your child live the experience.

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