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Internet and your child know the pros and cons

A lot of us in India grew up in a time when there was no cable television and the only media we were exposed to was usually Doordarshan or AIR – and recall that life was a lot simpler and yes, innocent back then! The proliferation of mass media has penetrated each corner of our lives today, and this is the age that our children are growing up in. The media definitely has many advantages – opening us up to the world and beyond. However, there are certain negative impacts that we can already see manifest in today’s generations. As parents it is our responsibility to ensure that our children are not exposed to mindless content that does them more harm in good. But, how do we decide? Our Proparent blogger Sugandha Tiwari helps us by highlighting the negative and positive sides of the media, and gives us useful tips on how we canhelp our children not be overexposed to useless media content and fall prey to senseless propaganda.

  • What is the bright or positive side of media exposure for our child? Edutainment programmes and websites, social networking, and helping them explore a world beyond the familiar are a few advantages….read on for more
  • What is the dark or negative side of media exposure for our child? Content on the TV or internet that promotes violence, gender discrimination, objectifying women, the mindless consumerism promoted by advertising, and a decline in physical activity all have long-lasting damaging effects on our child’s mental, physical and emotional health!
  • So, as parents, how can we cope? Teaching your child to think critically – to be able to mentally analyse and choose for themselves is perhaps one of the best gifts you can give them for life. Always keep tabs on what they are watching on TV or surfing online. Read on for more useful tips on how you can protect your child and their future…

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Rupal Singh

| Nov 22, 2017

very useful. blog . Thank u

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Shikha Batra

| Oct 04, 2017

thank u so much Sugandha Tiwari for sharing this useful blog. internet is a boon for children when used for collecting information and gaining knowledge while it's a bane when the information being accessed can affect their psyche.. and have a long term Impact on their thought process..

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