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How To Involve Your Husband In Everyday Tasks Related To Your Toddler?

Urvashi Shah
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Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Jan 30, 2020

How To Involve Your Husband In Everyday Tasks Related To Your Toddler
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First a daughter, then a wife and now a mom, you are playing each role with much precision and more importantly, without any break. After pregnancy and delivery, even though you are physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted, you still look forward to be the best version of you. Being a hands-on mom and looking after your little bundle of joy 24/7 is a daunting task. From making your little one sleep, to feeding him round the clock to changing his diapers often is a one woman show that you never fail to put up.

But if your husband is all relaxing by being a mere spectator, involve him in various tasks for your little one that will help the two bond with time.

Since a man does not read his wife’s mind, it is best that you take the responsibility and sort out some tasks that he can do all by himself for your child. Since the child belongs to both of you, your husband needs to be an active participant in the day-to-day tasks related to your toddler.

Let us take a look at some of the tasks that your partner can handle without a fuss

  1. Changing the diaper: You need not cringe here as you shouldn’t be the only one to change your child’s nappies all the time while your husband only gets to play with him. Since motherhood is a full time tough job, let your husband have a taste of fatherhood by doing little things for your child, despite the fact that he might irk at the beginning. But hey, it’s his child too. He doesn’t have to change the diaper whenever needed, but both of you can take turns in changing and disposing the diapers throughout the day. Being parents, you can equally share your responsibilities towards your child that will also strengthen your bond with each other as well as with your little one.
  2. Feeding: This one comes easy unlike the one mentioned above. If you are bottle feeding your child all day and night then let your husband be a part of this too. During the day your husband can manage this well but if your child wakes up frequently every night hungry then take turns in feeding him. While your husband is at it, you can catch up on your sleep and vice versa. Feeding your child strengthens your bond with him which is why your husband should do this often once he is home after work.
  3. Taking the baby for a walk: Babies get cranky often and the best remedy is to take them for a walk. When your baby gets fussy or cranky, you can ask your husband to take him for a stroll outdoor. Babies love sunlight and some fresh air which will immediately make him happy plus it will also strengthen the bond with his father. You can give your partner a small sling bag or a carrier to keep all the essential stuff for your child that he might need while away from home.
  4. Soothing the child: A sick baby can get very cranky and fussier after a vaccination which is why soothing him will help. Your partner can take up this task whenever your child gets cranky and offer him some support and love. He can rock the child in his arms and sing softly until the child is stops crying. The warmth of a father’s hug or simply being in his arms will help your child relax.
  5. Bathing the child: This doesn’t have to be a mundane task as it can be a lot more fun once you get the dad on board. Bathing will become a merry time for your little one as dads are known to indulge some playful act in the same. Plus, dads are also extremely careful when it comes to the safety of their young one.
  6. After bathing rituals: Once your partner has bathed the child, you can introduce him to the after bathing rituals such as applying baby powder, baby creams, some oil to the hair and wearing clothes. If he seems to find it tough to complete this lengthy ritual all by himself, you can share the responsibility by giving him a hand. As a family both of you can bond with the child.
  7. Putting your child off to sleep: If your husband doesn’t find time to participate in all the tasks related to your child due to work commitments, the least he can do is put your child to sleep every night. He can rock the cradle and sing lullaby’s to his little one or simply pat his back slowly or run fingers through his hair to put the child to sleep. Since you will be spending most of the time throughout the day with your little one, your partner taking up this role right from the beginning of his birth will help the baby recognize the scent and voice of his father, thus, allowing him to bond with him equally.

These are some of the responsibilities that your better half can take up towards your child. The best is that both of you can share these responsibilities equally which will give you equal time to bond with the baby. Last but not the least; your husband will understand how tough motherhood can be which will enable him in giving you a helping hand at all the tasks related to your child willingly.

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| Feb 08, 2018

it's definitely required to bring the dad's on board especially when it comes to child rearing. amazing suggestions.

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| Feb 15, 2018

Awesome idea... Must n should involve them, as both of us share things will calm down mommies from their daily routine with the child

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| Feb 15, 2018

nice... but not applicable...

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| Feb 15, 2018

not only papa - baby's grandparents are capable of contributing immensely in this areas

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