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Handling irritability & Aggression during Social Isolation

Richa Aggarwal
3 to 7 years

Created by Richa Aggarwal
Updated on Sep 14, 2020

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The current pandemic and the social isolation that has come with it has affected our daily lives. Children are really affected by all this. With hardly any social interaction and the replacement of offline classes with online learning, children have become anxious, angry and irritable. It is therefore important that parents handle irritability and aggression in a positive manner and know how to deal with these temper tantrums. In these times, it is important that parents be careful how they talk, how they behave and how you deal with your child.


Some of the ways include:


  1. Having a conversation with your child - Ask your child what makes him angry

  2. Think of ways that can make your child calm and relax - Encourage them to engage in activities that can help them with their anger. This may include reading a book, colouring, playing, dancing etc.

  3. Get physical - Indulge in physical activities to let out their anger.

  4. Give love and comfort to your child. Stay kind

  5. Practice what you preach - Set a good example

  6. Praise good behavior

  7. Watch things on TV that can have a positive influence.

Watch this as Psychologist Richa Aggarwal tells how to handle irritability & Aggression during Social Isolation


Watch the entire video with Psychologist Richa Aggarwal to know all about How to handle irritation, aggression in children and deal with it in an effective way and also how to structure their day.


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