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Is pre-school really needed for every child?

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Aug 04, 2022

Is pre school really needed for every child



Necessary is kind of a subjective word. There are folks who think that cars and phones are necessary. Now here’s what I think of preschool. The optimal year before school should include lots of time for unstructured play with basic toys like blocks, dolls, and pretend play materials like dress-up, kitchen items, tools, etc. There should be a couple of times during each day set aside to enjoy books with an adult. There should also be a couple of times during each day to be outdoors.



It’s okay for kids to get cold, hot or wet. Keep them properly dressed during inclement weather, and well hydrated when it’s hot. Make writing and art materials available every day and do not direct how to use them. This doesn’t mean you can permit children to throw paint around the room, it just means that you don’t say things like “Now glue two eyes onto your paper plate lion”. Children should have several opportunities each week to be around children and adults to whom they are not related. Inviting a child to help prepare dinner, and talking about the characteristics of the ingredients (color, size, shape, number or amount, etc) does count.

Children in a preschool program learn the gamut of skills ranging from knowing their colors to some basic counting.If a family has the option of old-fashioned daycare or a quality preschool, I would say it's a good idea to opt for preschool.

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| Aug 04, 2022

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