How To Test Colour Blindness In Toddlers - Symptoms And Causes

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How To Test Colour Blindness In Toddlers Symptoms And Causes

The senses are a kind of reason. Taste, touch and smell, hearing and seeing, are not merely a means to sensation, enjoyable or otherwise, but they are also a means to knowledge and are, indeed, your only actual means to knowledge. -St. Thomas Aquinas

One cannot be oblivious to the fact that colours are vibrant, aesthetic and alluring; they definitely add value and beauty to things. But, what if your younger one fails to identify and differentiate between colours; this could be an indication of your baby suffering from colour blindness.

What is colour blindness?

When your child finds it problematic to differentiate between various colours, he is suffering from colour blindness. For instance, red – green, blue – yellow are remarkably most familiar colour blind form. Colour blind people are generally considered to be unsuitable for jobs such as armed forces, pilot, Indian railway and forest services etc.

Symptoms of colour blindness in children:

1 Weak in identifying colours and inattentive during colouring activities.

2 Sensitive to bright colours and night vision is exceptionally well.

3 Utilizing incorrect colour to fill any painting or drawing, such as using yellow colours to shade clouds instead of blue.

4 Facing complications while reading with coloured sheets.

5 If your toddler experiences eye irritation or headache while seeing things on green or red background.

6 Keenly observe if your younger one faces trouble while differentiating colour pencils or crayons of red and green colour.

Causes of colour blindness:

1 The cone cells present in our eyes picks up various colours- red, blue and green, these cells have the ability to make distinction between colours. Normal kid has three cone cells on the other hand a colour blind children have only two cone cells present in their eyes.

2 It is genetic, and is inherited from parents.

3 If your baby has undergone any eye injury.

Test to identify colour blindness in your baby:

On a sheet of paper, draw something and fill it with diverse colours. Now, play a little game with him asking him to identify all the various colours used by you. Avoid showing them all the colours distinctively and instruct them to recognize all the colours simultaneously. This is the stage where you can ensure if your infant is suffering from colour blindness.

No treatment is available for dealing with colour blindness. However, medical practitioners prescribe tinted glasses to enhance the visual experience with colours. One cannot turn a deaf ear towards the peculiarity of sense organs, as it is wisely said by Nicoletta Baumeister that “what greater gift than being able to communicate and enable our fellow humans the sensations of being alive”.                                                      -


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